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Free Your Creativity! | Life's a Batch

Free Your Creativity!

Give me a book, and I’m a happy girl. Give me photos, and I’m a happy girl. Give me both together in one spectacular book, and you’ve won my heart forever!

KODAK, I’m looking at you, babe. *swooning eyes*

The crazy, awesome, super-nice folks at both Foodbuzz and KODAK Gallery became my new best friends when they offered me a FREE photobook and the chance to “Free My Creativity.” They chose me to try out their newly-launched creating program, and I was stoked! You see, I’d been knocking around a photobook for all my cookie photos. I wanted to have something on hand when people say, “Can I see your work?” (okay, okay – maybe it’s only happened a few times… but still!). I’d even been creating a photobook on another site at the time KODAK Gallery offered… so it was a no-brainer to jump ship & try their new program for my project!

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

And oh, I’ve got to tell you. No, I’ve got to jump-up-and-down-with-you-and-scream-to-you, “This book is AH-MAZING!” Seriously, there’s just so many amazing and wonderful parts to this whole experience, and I want to give you a little look-see into the process. 🙂

Stay tuned! At the end of this post, you’ll have the opportunity to create your VERY OWN PHOTOBOOK with a great deal!

See that perfectly shiny, gorgeously glossy cover on my “Cookie Bookie” up there? (Yes, I gave it a name. Don’t judge me.) It is the smoothest surface ever, and I can’t stop running my hands over the yumminess. In fact, the book is in my hands more than it is on my coffee table just because it is so nice to hold… and look through… and be so very proud of!

There are TONS of sizes & cover options, and I can only show you just this one type, Trust me, you’ll want to look into all the different possibilities for creating your own book, though. Perhaps a sweet vacation photobook with a window showcasing your favorite photo? That’s always a winner!

The program interface is *SO* easy to use, and anyone can do it. I mean it – ANYONE! You can do so many things in the new system that have always been limited in the past. Before, I could pick from a few background choices, and I was limited to specific layout options for my photos, as well as how many photos for each page. In KODAK Gallery’s new program, there is a large variety of backgrounds to choose from, and you’re not limited to any certain layout options! You can add as many photos as you’d like to each page, and you can resize, twist, and frame them however you like! You can add border options, too (black, white, thin, thick, or none at all), and you can choose which photos overlay others for a different look & feel to your pages. EVERYTHING is customizable… even the text! You can twist, rotate, and drag text boxes anywhere on your page, and you can add as many as you’d like. You can choose from several font choices and a rainbow of colors, too! It’s really incredible, and you can make your pages whatever you dream! 🙂

Kodak Gallery photobook.

Now that you know a little about creating a photobook, I’m going to walk you through some of my favorite highlights of my own book. Truly, there are just so many things to gush about! 🙂

Let me start with the speedy delivery & arrival of my book. I placed my order on Friday, August 5th, and my book arrived in perfect condition on my doorstep exactly one week later – Friday, August 12th. KODAK didn’t take any chances with my photobook, either: it came to me in a protective paperboard sleeve, cushioned in a sturdy, hulking cardboard box. No dented corners on this baby!

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

I’ve already highlighted the sweet, shimmery cover above, so let’s just start reading, okay? Though I didn’t know this while I was creating my photobook, the finished product came with creamy, classy cover pages inside the front & back ends of the book, too. The texture was akin to that of a high-end book you might purchase at your favorite bookstore – luxurious and distinct. I tried to capture the delicious texturing in the photo below:

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

In my photobook, I included a simple text-only introductory page to let my readers know just what goodies were in store. I love the elegant simplicity of this page, too.

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

And here’s an obligatory picture of one of the first true “photo” pages in the photobook. Eek, it’s funny to look back at cookies from so long ago!

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

The regular photo pages are SILKY. They feel so nice as you flip through the photobook, and I can’t quite say what they would be closest to for a comparison… perhaps an art gallery coffee table book? (If you’ve ever read one, that is!) They are soft & smooth, and the color print hugs the paper so well. You don’t feel as if you’re holding printed PAPER at all, if that makes sense. It’s just WONDERFUL.

Here’s a couple of my favorite two-page spreads in the photobook. I love that you can coordinate things to match your photos so well!

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

And the reds. The reds! I’ve never seen red POP! so beautifully in print, but it does in this photobook. My red pages are just breathtaking in color!

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

Kodak Gallery Photobook.
(The final page in my photobook, followed by another textured cover page.)

The pages are even pretty from the side, I swear! My photobook is a full 80 pages, and I love how you can see bits of color at the page ends when the photobook is on a table:

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

It’s even pretty standing up! 🙂

Kodak Gallery Photobook.

Now, if all of that gushing wasn’t enough to sway you into making your own photobook, perhaps this little incentive will. 😉 You see, KODAK Gallery is allowing me to present an exclusive offer to you, my readers, in creating your own photobook! You can receive 40% OFF a medium hardcover or large photobook – that’s a TON, folks!

To take advantage of this special offer, use this SPECIAL LINK to go to KODAK Gallery & create your own book. Hurry, though, as this offer expires on 8/31, and you don’t want to miss out! So give it a try, and “Free Your Creativity” today! 🙂

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received one free Medium Hard Cover Photo Book (regularly $34.99) and free Standard shipping, valued up to $7.00. The opinions, views & pictures expressed above are my own account of the experience, and I’m so thankful for this great opportunity!

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One comment on “Free Your Creativity!

  1. Your book looks beautiful Nicole. I would love to be able to sit and go through it page by page.
    When my grand-daughter turned 5 I created a photobook for her birthday chronicling her first five years. It was not a Kodak book but I was very, very happy with the high quality of the finished product.
    I will be sure to check out the Kodak site for their photobooks now too.

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