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The Red Plate. | Life's a Batch

The Red Plate.

I am not an impulse buyer. I’m not a “shopper,” per se, which makes it even easier not to be an impulse buyer. You will only see me in a mall or clothing stores if I *have* to be, and it has to be a REALLY big need first. I promise that 75% of my clothes come from my mother-in-law as either Christmas or birthday gifts, and I love her for helping me out.

And then there are a few times when it becomes necessary to shop. I won’t shop for a new bra until the underwire of the second one (I do buy two bras at a time, by the way) not only snaps, but then eventually stabs me with the broken points. And just last week, I was required to wear pink to a Going-Away party for a very dear friend of mine. While in the shower (about one hour before the party’s showtime), I asked my husband to go through a small bag of hand-me-downs from a friend & see if there was anything pink. He found a hot pink striped shirt, and ta-da! My outfit was set!

But NONE of the above is true when it comes to dishes. Nope, then my resolve goes right out the window! I can’t pass up a neat bowl, a funky tray, a sweet saucer, or a beautiful plate. And that’s exactly how this gorgeous girl ended up in my cabinet:


I saw it, and I knew I needed it. I looked at my husband with the biggest puppy-dog eyes, and he was already saying, “Just get it, Honey.” I was all set to explain (and sometimes, you really *want* to explain, and they cut you off with niceness, darn husbands!), and I already had his approval. But you see, I already had THE PERFECT USE for it!

Remember when Haniela invited me to “Smell the Flowers” in her virtual project? Well, I could instantly see all the pretty pansy cookies on that plate, and in my mind, it was just PERFECT. For a refresher, here’s how it turned out:

Pretty Pansy Cookies.

And when I knew my pal SweetSugarbelle was going to make poppies, I only wished there was time to get the red plate to her for the photos, too! Even though the plate is a zinnia flower, I thought it would’ve been just too sweet as a backdrop for her spectacular poppies!


And that’s when it hit me: the red plate is too special to keep for myself! It’s picture-pretty, and it needs to be a STAR. In my own kitchen, I would only use the red plate every once in a while, but by sharing it with the world, I’m hoping it will be loved & cherished by others. It can bring joy to so many, knowing that a blogger thought especially of you & decided to send a little piece of their world your direction…

And that’s the idea! I’ve sent the red plate out into the world, and I want it to travel, to be a rockstar for your cookies, pastries, cupcakes, and whatever else you can dream up! If you can make a mean egg salad sandwich – hey, take a picture of that on the red plate! If the red plate evokes a memory of your gramma’s flower garden, tell me the story!


And when you’ve made your special treat, be sure to write a blog post about the red plate. (Or you can Tweet it, or even Instagram it. Just be sure to use “#theredplate” when you do!) And then pack the red plate up nice & safe and send it along to another friend so they can create a memory as well! Then come back here & I’ll link it up so we have a running story of the red plate & its travels. How sweet will that be?! 🙂

I’m SO excited to see & hear all the goodness that the red plate can bring to the blogosphere, and I’m ready to watch how many different friends it can bring to the table!

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12 comments on “The Red Plate.

  1. The BearFoot Baker on said:

    I love that red plate! Your cookies look amazing on it!

    I don’t have a red plate. I guess I need to go shopping. I only like shopping for cookie supplies and household items! Oh, and I like shoe shopping! Maybe I can buy a red plate and red shoes and red sprinkles!

  2. Paula on said:

    Such a pretty plate and your idea is a cute one. You could call it The Red Plate Dessert Diary 🙂

  3. Love the red plate! And I know what you mean about clothes shopping- I’d rather go into the housewares dept. anytime.

  4. Home Girl on said:

    What a great idea and lovely cookies!! I loved this post. Just stopping over from Bearfoot Baker’s linky party to send some sugar love and wish you a happy weekend!

  5. Kristina on said:

    What a great idea Nicole!! You will definitely have to keep us updated on the red plate travels =) It will be neat to see where it goes and how it’s used!

  6. I am so very curious about the current whereabouts of the red plate. Did a quick google search after coming upon this post and am not finding anything. Would love an update on it! 🙂

    • Nicole on said:

      The red plate is currently still in the home of one of my dear friends, who has quite a lot on HER plate at the moment (ha!). It will eventually come back out to play, I’m sure! 😉

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