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Dad, You Are Fan-tache-tic!

I know, I know… it’s way too late for these Father’s Day cookies. Believe me, I really do know! However, a certain well-meaning true friend of mine is always bullying encouraging me to update my blog more, and this time, she struck me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

Father's Day cookies.

You see, while decorating cookies at night, I’m usually all alone. And to keep myself company, I watch shows on Netflix. Recently, I began watching the entire series of “Family Ties” (yes, circa 1982, but I was only 3 years old then!), which I’d never seen before. It is SO GOOD! Seriously, I thought it might be cheesy to watch now, but it’s just not – not at all. Aaaaand, I can imagine that if I had only been in middle school or high school in the early 80′s, I might’ve had a serious crush on a certain Alex P. Keaton, too! ;-)

Father's Day cookies.

So back to that deal, right? You see, “Family Ties” has made me both laugh & cry so much in the recent weeks, and I’ve been sharing these moments with my friend. She doesn’t remember the episodes very well, so I’ve been encouraging her to re-watch the series with me on Netflix. And she agreed! Here’s the catch: she’ll watch two episodes for every one new blog post I write!

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