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Deadpool Valentine Cookies.

Sometimes, my kids are just so clever. And sometimes, I just kinda need to brag. 😉

My oldest son is a senior in high school this year (seriously?! How did that happen?!), and of course, you can’t really slide anything pop culture past a senior. Especially if that same guy is already really into comic books. I mean, if that’s the case, there’s no hiding new movies in the comic book/superhero world. Honestly, my boys know about new movies coming out waaaaay before I do, and usually a year or two before the film even hits theaters.

And the new movie Deadpool has been the talk of our house for weeks. On the one hand, I just wanna see Ryan Reynolds. (I have a feeling I’m not alone in this!) But if I see the film, it’s gonna be a while, I’m sure. Sorry, Ryan!

Soooooo, several weeks ago, when everyone started talking about the Deadpool release date being over Valentine’s Day weekend, my super-witty son came up with the following little poem & posted it on his Twitter:

Deadpool Valentine cookies.

I couldn’t wait to “cookie” his idea, as you can see!

Deadpool Valentine cookies.

But in case you just need Deadpool cookies for any other day of the year, there’s still two “regular” designs as well. In fact, I’m pretty ridiculously excited over these “plain” Deadpool cookies:

Deadpool Valentine cookies.

This is my very, very favorite cookie! I gotta tell ya, though – it definitely took a bit of planning! And here’s a little tip for you: make an extra cookie! I never make extra cookies, and I’m sorta known for wingin’ it, and I was kinda sweating a little while staring at my ONE blank cookie, thinking of how best to accomplish this logo design. So… do as I say & not as I do, and that’s a bit of stress you can avoid by planning ahead & making an extra cookie! #lifelessons 😉

Deadpool Valentine cookies.

Meanwhile, I’ll stick to watching Ryan Reynolds over & over in The Proposal, I think. 😉

Tour Eiffel en Couleur!

I’ve made quite a few Eiffel Tower cookies in the past year or so, but they were all practically the same… basic black. And while they are absolutely lovely in the traditional sense, there’s something both delicate & sweet about throwing a bit of color into Paris, too.

Colored Eiffel Tower cookies.

See what I mean?

I used a few leftover bits of icing to give the Eiffel Tower a fresh spin, and I just absolutely fell in LOVE with these favors! A soft grey, an icy turquoise, and a pale mauve breathed new life into the classic frame – I can’t pick a favorite, even! <3

Colored Eiffel Tower cookies.

Each Tower cookie still takes about 5 minutes to pipe (not counting the white base underneath, of course), and I use a PME 1.5 tip for the entire thing. I hand-cut this shape, so I’ve never done more than 12 at a time, ha. (Does that make me sound lazy? Umm, that might be the truth, really!) I do have a cookie cutter for the Eiffel Tower, but the shape is very thin & feels so fragile, so I’ve never used it yet. I’ve also found that, inevitably, at least a couple of the cookies will bake up a bit skewed, so it’s easiest for me to start the design by drawing a few of my horizontal lines first to give me a “jumping-off” point, really. I do freehand this particular design, and some favors will have an extra section or two at different intervals from that. But if I hadn’t told you, I doubt you’d even notice the subtle differences, so let’s just agree to pretend every cookie is perfect, okay? GREAT! 😉

Colored Eiffel Tower cookies.

After taking five years’ worth of French in school, visiting Paris is still high on my list of dreams! Until then, these dreamy cookies will just have to do! <3

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