Santa BELL-y Cookies {Guest Post!}

Some of you know this, but others haven’t yet heard the news… my cookies were selected as one of the TOP 10 Holiday Cookies in the L.A. Times 2nd Annual Cookie Bake-Off! It’s über-exciting, and as a result, I’m in warm, sunny, downtown L.A. this week (versus my home of cold, snowy Minot). To give me a hand while I’m traveling, my dear friend Callye has graciously offered to guest-post for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you!

Callye is the girl behind The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle – one of the BEST cookie blogs on the web. She is a sweetheart & creative GENIUS, and one of my cookie IDOLS. Seriously, if there was a cookieland “Walk of Fame,” Callye’s footprints, handprints, and signature font would be featured in the MOST coveted spot.

(Forgive me, I must have Hollywood on the brain. 😉 )

She’s down-to-earth & friendly, and she’s a fellow Texan. (Yes, I’m born-and-raised Texan, even though I haven’t been lucky enough to live there these last 17 years!) She’s known worldwide for her amazing cookie tutorials, and I love her ability to think outside the box… er, cookie cutter! For example, she recently used an ice cream cone cutter to make these adorable “Santa is Stuck!” cookies – brilliant!

Take a moment (or a few HOURS!) to go browse her blog, and then come back here to read about the newest cookies she created just for me. ♥ ♥

Hi, I’m Callye, and I’ve made it my mission to spread holiday cookie cheer all around the Internet.

For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE to decorate cookies. In fact, I like it so much, it might qualify as an obsession.

I love to share my passion with others, so, today I’m going to teach you how to make Santa BELL-y Cookies. I know, I know, awful joke… but seriously.

photo 1

You’ve probably seen Santa belly cookies before. Maybe on a round cookie like these I made last year.

The cookie I’m making today, is the same concept, but a little different.
You’ll soon see why I chose a bell rather than a round.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • red, black, and white piping AND flood icing
  • black candy pearls
  • yellow piping icing
  • gold lustre dust {optional}


Begin by outlining your cookie. Fill the fur and belt portions of the cookie and let dry for about 4 hours. This will deter bleeding.

photo 2

When the black and white areas have dried, fill the red section and use tweezers to quickly drop candy beads into the wet icing

Photo 3

At this point the icing must dry at least 8 hours or overnight. The next day use a small tip {I prefer PME #1.5} to embellish the fur and add a button flap.

photo 4

Pipe on a yellow belt buckle and let dry. Then use gold lustre dust mixed with a touch of vodka or extract to paint the buckle gold. Entirely optional, but I think the little bit of bling makes them extra special.

photo 5

Now for the fun part…remember I said I would explain why I chose to use a bell rather than a round? I did that so that the middle would be one part of a whole Santa!

Santa BELL-y Cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle

Find instructions for making a Santa face cookie In Katrina’s Kitchen and if you’d like to learn how to make Santa Leg Cookies, hop on over and see Christi at Love From The Oven (debuting on Friday, the 9th).

Three complete cookies that become even better combined! Life can’t get much better than that.

Thanks so much, Nicole, for inviting me to be here today! I hope you have a fun trip.

I hope to see y’all over at, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle, very soon. I’m working on the same idea in elf form. Come check it out!

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23 comments on “Santa BELL-y Cookies {Guest Post!}

  1. Anne @ Flour Box Bakery on said:

    Those are simply adorable…and I love the set! Have fun in sunny LA. I hope you take LOTS of photos and share them soon!

  2. These cookies are magnificent! Callye, You are the QUEEN of creativity! I even love your play on words…You spread cheer all year round!!! 🙂
    Nicole, Congrats on your spot in the TOP TEN!

  3. Samantha on said:

    So darn cute!

    Have fun on your vacation!

  4. haniela on said:

    These are super cute and so Callye like.Totally in love with these!

  5. Nicole, I’m so excited for you, congratulations and I hope that you are enjoying every moment of your time in LA!

    Callye, these are adorable and fun and as always, so creative.

  6. Cristin (Pinkie) of Cristin's Cookies on said:

    These cookies are so absolutely adorable Callye! I love these! Now to figure out how to make the time to try them out! 😉 Congratulations Nicole on your top 10 holiday cookie award! How exciting!

  7. Justine on said:

    Nicole, how wonderful! You MUST visit Sweet Lady Jane for me in West Hollywood, and have a slice of cake. And then get back to me with a full report. I used to live in West Hollywood, and that’s the one thing I miss. 🙂 AND: which cookies are you baking?

    Callye, these are beautiful! Thanks for the guest post!

  8. Diane {Created by Diane} on said:

    Congratulations Nicole, that is so great. LOVING Callye’s Santa Belly cookies just as all her others so creative!!!!

  9. Knitrageous on said:

    Great job Callye! These turned out really cute! Love ya girl!

  10. OMG! I love these and MUST try!!!!! Such talent! 🙂

  11. Giselle on said:

    Callye these are too adorable! I love them. Great ideas! Can’t wait to see the tutorial on the elf.

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  13. Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen on said:

    Hi Nicole! I’m so happy to *meet* you through Callye! I think this is my first time here and I love your blog! xoxo Happy cookie-ing!

  14. Pingback: 12 Days Of Holiday Baking – Blogger Spotlight – A Guest Post By Sweet SugarBelle

  15. Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction on said:

    These cookies are so adorable!! Love them!

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