Halloween Wrap-Up.

I know, I know. It’s almost two weeks past Halloween, and I’m just now getting to those cookies I promised you. *hangs head* But would you like to hear an even more disturbing secret?

I have undecorated Halloween cookies still waiting for me to finish!

It’s true. I planned a night of just-for-fun decorating, in which I was going to ice these babies, but instead I worked on something else entirely. I’m planning to do them now sometime in the coming week.

(Yeah, right.)

HOWEVER, I *do* have cookies I can show you. And I have other stuff, too. Just keep scrolling! 😉

Mini Halloween Cookies.
Halloween Minis.

Those are my Halloween babies. My mini cookies that I dreamt of & loved even before they were born. Of course, it may have something to do with Halloween being my most favorite holiday ever (thanks, Mom!), or just the extra added cuteness of everything mini… but I love these so much.

I really, really do. 🙂

Mini Halloween Cookies.

I only had a 6-piece cutter set of Halloween mini shapes, and I wanted to make a few more than that. My set included the following:

– ghost
– skull
– bat
– pumpkin
– cat
– moon

Mini Halloween Cookies.

So I came up with a few more, based on the small handful of other mini shapes I had lying around.

Mini Halloween Cookies.

See that adorable potions bottle? It’s probably my favorite new creation, and I made it using my mini dog bone cutter! The wide ends gave me the perfect space for a large-bottomed beaker, as well as lots of bubbles spewing from the top!

Mini Potion & Mini Skull Cookies.

And I used my second-smallest circle cutter to make some spooky eyeballs, too:

Mini Eyeball Cookie.

I gave the black cats tiny little orange necklaces…

Mini Black Cat Cookie.

And I made two different faces for the skulls… I can’t pick a favorite!

Mini Bat & Mini Skull Cookies.

I made the mini pumpkins in three steps to give the jack-o’lanterns a bit of dimension, too.

Mini Jack-o'Lantern Cookie.

But the whole reason I made all these fun Halloween mini cookies was to use them as embellishments…

Brains S'more Pop.

On S’more Pops!

(And that’s my final mini shape creation – a tiny Santa head turned sideways to become a brain. *grin*)

Halloween S'more Pops with Mini Cookies.

Now, the S’more Pops are not my original idea. In fact, I got the idea from Tidymom HERE, and she picked it up from someone else as well. However, I did see the potential to expand on this great idea to make the treats for my son’s classroom Halloween party. After all, what’s better than puffy sugar melted with sugar in a sugared cracker, dipped in sugar, sprinkled with more sugar, and then adorned with a decorated sugar cookie… right?! 😉

Eyeball S'more Pop.

I made both chocolate & white chocolate versions, too. I also used a few different kinds of Halloween sprinkles from my pantry.

Jack-o'Lantern S'more Pop.

Skull S'more Pop.

My friend Amber came over for a night of sweet crafting, and we worked on these together for our sons’ classrooms. (I’d decorated the mini cookies the night before, though.) After making 48 of these S’more Pops, my whole house smelled like sugar & chocolate!

Packaged & ready to take to school.
(This is about half of the S’more Pops for Jack’s classmates.)

And when the night came to a close, we still had a bit of chocolate melted & waiting to be used. I snagged some bananas from my next-door neighbor, and we made a few Monkey Tails to enjoy as a snack the next day. However, I wanted to make another little Halloween treat, so I began dipping extra marshmallows…

And I made these adorable Chocolate Toadstools! 🙂

Halloween "Toadstools."

I passed out several small bags of these (I packed them in trios) to my kids’ friends while we were out trick-or-treating (so the parents would feel safe with them eating something homemade), and they were a hit each time!

Halloween "Toadstools."

The best part of all? When I was helping out during Jack’s class party, the kids were ECSTATIC to receive their S’more Pop! In fact, as the bell rang at the end of the day, and we shuffled out, the kids were running out the door to compare with each other the different characters they’d received. I’m sure all the parents loved the massive amount of sugar in one place, too! 😉

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2 comments on “Halloween Wrap-Up.

  1. Oh my goodness but everything here is so creative and so adorable. I can only imagine how thrilled Jack’s class was to get these S’mores Pops with the Halloween cookie! Those marshmallow toadstools are such a cute idea too. What a fun and delicious Halloween you created for the kids, the neighbours and the school kids.

    • Thank you, Paula! My boys begged for all the leftover treats, even with a ton of trick-or-treating candy already at their disposal! 🙂

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