Welcoming martinis.

Once I had the crown cookies wrapped up, I spent an evening making cookies for two other orders. I was excited to get started on them!

First up, a friend had invited me to a home party, and when I was talking with her about it, she also asked if I’d be willing to make special cookies for the party. She dropped by her own cookie cutter – a martini glass – for me to make them. Martinis! Of course, having never had a martini, I looked up pictures online to make sure I had the right drink in mind before I started. I was right, and they were easy and fun to make!

Martini cookies.

Martini cookies.

And then on Sunday, Shana (the commander’s wife) had stopped by to drop off some extra tortillas leftover from making the burritos, and she saw me decorating the crown cookies. On the spot, she ordered a few cookies for special welcoming gift baskets to present to the new, incoming squadron commander’s family. She needed them by Tuesday, so in two days – eeek!

She told me to make whatever I thought, and after contemplating a while, I decided that they probably receive rank- or insignia-related stuff all the time. Instead, I went with a simple “welcoming” cookie.

Welcome cookies for the new squadron commander's family.

I didn’t have a house-shaped cutter, nor time to run to town and try to find one. Instead, I free-handed some “rectangles” (each one was a different size, as I stink at free-handing!), and then I drew houses on them with little signs. Each house was a bit different, but they all had siding drawn on them, as well as two types of flowers. These were really large cookies, too – about the size of two decks of cards laid side-by-side. Shana seemed very pleased with them when I dropped them off at her home.

As a surprise, I’d tucked in a little cookie just for her:

Thank-You cookie.

And with that, the four-day cookie craze ended for a bit, and I slept so well last night! *wink*

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