Belated Halloween Giveaway!

I know it’s after Halloween, but it’s only now that I realize I’ve just got too much cute stuff! To alleviate the clutter, I’m doing a very quick Halloween-themed giveaway!

There is a catch, though. You only have ONE day to enter, and I’m not going to post the contents of the box. (Mainly because I want the freedom to add a few more things, too!) So, to tide you over, here’s a cute picture that is not my own. ;-)


Again, here’s the simple rules:

1) Comment on THIS POST, and tell me your favorite Halloween story. It can be a memory, a cute knock-knock joke, or even just what your favorite costume was this year. Just tell me something Halloween-related and nice. Oh, and be sure to include your email!
2) You have until 9pm CST tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 4th) to enter.
3) I will use to select a winner from the comments received.
4) I’ll notify the winner via email, so make sure you include that in your comment! You will have 48 hours to respond, letting me know where to send your surprise box of goodies.
5) Tell your friends that might be interested in a lil’ spooky fun! ♥


Good luck!

When my oldest son was just 2, we took him out for his first trick-or-treating. We’d been coaching him on saying, “Trick or Treat!” and handing out his basket for weeks beforehand. I’d even covered all the bases, telling him that some folks might give him a trick instead of candy, so it was okay if that happened, too.

As we walked up to the very first house, he was a bit skittish. Philip held his hand, and I followed three steps behind with the camera (of course!). When they finally got to the door, A.J. became overwhelmed with nerves, and he asked Daddy to pick him up. Philip obliged, and held A.J. high as he rang the bell. When the couple came to the door to greet our little Indian, we were ALL shocked to hear A.J. clearly say, “Trick or Treat, give me money!”

I almost died from embarrassment! This, my friends, is why you always trick-or-treat for the FIRST time at a friend’s house, rather than a stranger’s! ;-)

And, to tide you over until I post cookies again, here’s a sneak peek at some Halloween minis I made last week for another project. I love how everything tiny is über-adorable automatically! :-)

Mini Halloween Cookies.

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82 comments on “Belated Halloween Giveaway!

  1. Ashley Martin on said:

    Thanks for the chance! I guess my favorite costume of this year was my daughter’s peacock costume!!!! She was absolutely gorgeous and she received SO SO SO many compliments!!!

  2. my fav moment is dressing up my amazing doggiieeee :]]

  3. Tabi Paschall on said:

    Last year, Logan didn’t quite understand that he would get candy from every house. He thought it was one house. So when we walked to the 2nd house, he looked at me and said “MOOOORE CANDY??!!!”

  4. Catherine Cullerton on said:

    I remember one Halloween when I was like 4 I was Trick or Treating in California. My friend’s uncle dressed up as The Hulk. He painted himself green but I didn’t understand that. He jumped out from a tree in front of me and I screamed and cried and said “No more and you’re mean.” Later he came to the door with part of his make up peeled of but that scared me more. LOL I will never forget that. He came over the next day and brought me some Halloween Candy and apologized.

  5. Kailee Adams on said:

    Halloween has always been my favorite!!! When we were little we would go to Pietro’s Pizza afterwards…omg now i want pizza!!!!!!!!!

  6. Andrea King on said:

    last year, a little boy toddled up to our door, proudly held out his bag and said his own little version of “trick or treat.” His parents applauded and took pictures, for this was his first year of trick or treating and we were his first house. He walked back to his parents, who said, “Good job! Now let’s go do it again!”. Without missing a beat, the little boy turned around, walked back to me, and held out his bag. Of course, I gave him more candy!

  7. Dallas Ann on said:

    The favorite costume I saw (aside from my kids’. ha!) were adults dressed as vegetarian zombies. They stumbled around moaning, “graaaaaains”.

  8. Amanda Neff on said:

    Well my birthday is Halloween, and every year has been a memory of great times spent with great people. I recently lost my pap, so my greatest memories are the birthdays spent with him.

  9. Fun giveaway Nicole! I think that this year was one of my favorite Halloweens. Dayton (my 4 yr old) was the cutest dragon of all time this year, and every time he went up to a house, he not only said “Trick or traet”….he said “HAPPY Trick or treat” everyone got such a kick out of him, and he had an absolute blast <3

    Nicki :-)

  10. Kristin on said:

    This year my sister came home to MN from California so her and I decided to partake in the pumpkin carving that we hadn’t done since we were kids. We both attempted hard intricate designs and they turned out amazing! Lots of work but it was so fun and I’m glad I got to spend the time with her. My e-mail is

  11. barbara boes on said:

    My favorite halloween memory would be going trick-or-treating with my oh so precious 3yr. old granddaughter. Plus vising the pumpkin farm with 4 generations of the girls, great-grandma, me (grandma), mommy and the little one. took an awesome stagecoach ride too!

  12. LilaLoa on said:

    Is it bad that I love mystery giveaways the very best? So fun! I don’t think anything can top Andrea’s story…but my favorite part about Halloween is that my little boy refuses to wear a fabric costume. He thinks that the best costumes are made with cardboard boxes and glue guns.

  13. Amy Trujillo on said:

    This year we threw a costume party for our youth ministry. Loved seeing how creative the teens were. I was thumper, and my girls were blossom and the panther Fito the jungle book.

  14. Jennifer Throckmorton on said:

    ***Entering!** Thanks! This Halloween was extra special because I made my daughters costume. She was cookie monster…a super duper girly cookie monster. I spent 3 nights in a row cutting tulle, making bows and hot gluing pieces. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun and now a lifetime of memories!

  15. Trick or Treating at Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween.

  16. Karyn Johnson on said:

    I only saw photos, but my niece Claire’s monster costume was so cute! Plus, it scared her so much it made her cry! Awwww. :) But once she put it on, she felt better and had lots of fun trick or treating.

  17. Rhonda Harvey on said:

    I so love your creations! One year, my ex-husband and I took a pair of his jeans and a flannel shirt and stuffed them with newspaper and set them up on a chair on our porch. For the head, we stuffed a mask, and we left this on the porch for a week or so before Halloween to make sure all the neighborhood kids saw it. Then on Halloween, we “made the switch”. We put my husband in the clothing and the mask. The kids weren’t afraid because the “dummy” had been on the porch all week–until he MOVED!! It was very funny, and while it scared the kids, they loved it! :-)

  18. Cathy D on said:

    Oh fun, fun, fun! A mystery prize! Can’t wait to see it! (and I love that its only a day… I’m a sort of instant-gratification kinda girl hehe)

    Ok lets see…. I don’t really have anything funny or cute to share =/ Oh, but I did just see a YouTube video of the cutest costume ever! The parents put twins in a wagon decorated to look like a jet and dressed their twins up as Maverick and Goose… they had the theme song playing and everything! Very cute & unique idea!

    This was my 2 year old daughter’s first “real” trick or treating… she got bored with it! She actually told the man at the last door that she didn’t want any more candy – she just wanted to go home! He couldn’t believe his ears! :)

    Thanks for this fun giveaway! :)

  19. Douglas Jones on said:

    *** comment for Douglas Jones, who is unable to get past the CAPTCHA codes ***

  20. I was sitting on the driveway passing out candy this year and an adorable Spiderman who was about 2 or 2.5 came by. He said Trick or Treat, and I put some candy in his bag and his mom said “What do you say?” and he said “I want that one too!” and reached in and got another type of candy. I about died laughing. His mother was mortified. :)

  21. Dawn Heath on said:

    So, my favorite halloween memory involves my poor misguided grandmother, a famous broadway musical, and quite a bit of humiliation for a young 10 year old child.

    It was a Sunday and I had gone to church with my grandparents and spent the afternoon hanging out with them while my parents got some early christmas shopping in. My grandmother was convinced that since Halloween was on a Monday, that all the kids were going trick or treating Sunday instead. I can’t even remember what I had planned for a costume, I think a clown outfit, but Nanny Byrd (that’s grandma to me, lol) decided it would be way cooler to dress me up as the Grizabella from Cats and send me out that night for trick or treating. Yeh, she had me lookin like a homeless woman on crack. A wig that looked like a giant brillo pad on my tiny lil head, tons of makeup on my face to make me look “old”, a pale blue polyester old lady dress that she had to tie with a piece of rope, old lady shoes falling off my feet and some ski vest to give me some “gerth” I guess. If you are familiar with the story of Grizabella, you’ll find the humor and the irony in the rest of this story….

    My mom picked me up and laughed at what a hot mess I looked. My grandma had convinced me that none of the kids would be trick or treating the next day and I *had* to go out that night. Reluctant to let me go and make a fool of myself, I think my mom finally convinced herself and since I was all done up, she let me out to hit the streets of our neighborhood, lookin like a cat on crack, complete with my pillow case as my candy bag.

    I went to the first door and my neighbor laughed. She told me I was way too early but fortunately had some candy to give me, since I had gone through all that trouble. Trouble? what kid considers the means of trick or treating to be “trouble.” That seemed odd to me, but as I hit the next 2 houses, it became clear what she meant….

    By the 5th house, I was so embarassed. I had 2 pieces of candy in my pillow case (I believe they were sugar daddy and some taffy thing I hated), my stockings were falling to my ankles, my wig was frizzy, my makeup running down my face and after hearing, “Dawn, trick or treating is TOMORROW. Come back then” and even having a couple of people laugh and close the door on me….I took my empty pillow case and went home.

    Sounds pathetic, eh? Poor little girl, humiliated by her grandma and alienated by her neighbors. But to this day, this story still makes me laugh and smile and think of my Nanny Byrd who was obviously just trying to get me an early start on all the good candy. She couldn’t help it if my neighbors sucked and didn’t buy candy til the day of halloween. They were such slackers!

  22. The first year Audrey was old enough to toddle along and trick or treat with us, she was maybe 3? and dressed and a mix of bride and fairy princess (she couldn’t decide so wore parts of several costumes) When she’s get to the door, past the crowd of brothers, the neighbors would say “Well, aren’t you cute!” and each time she’s smile and say “I know!” Ahh to be young and that confident of my adorableness again!

    Hey, didn’t I already win a contest? I never got any cookies though. :( Can I win twice?

    • Nicole on said:

      Joan, yes! You can win again! And I’m soooooo sorry! I keep forgetting that I owe you cookies for helping me name my cookie biz! I will send you an email & work out the particulars, because it’s been a year this month, and I for sure can’t remember what type of cookies you wanted. So sorry!

      On the bright side, I have to tell you that I *constantly* hear from folks who love the name “Life’s a Batch!” :-D

  23. Favorite memory from my childhood: my dad declared I was too old to trick or treat. I successfully argued that meant I was old enough to chaperone my little sister and the girl next door. I wore jeans, a western shirt, and a cowboy hat. We walked to the “rich” neighborhood. At each place, I took off my hat and said “Happy Halloween”. At each place, they put candy in my hat. I put my candy in the younger girls’ pillow cases and they gave me a share the next day. Technically I never said “trick or treat” so technically I wasn’t disobeying Dad (…and besides, he was WRONG about me being too old).

  24. Ronee kramer on said:

    One year, my cousin and I went as a nun and priest. So, instead of saying trick or treat, we said, “bless you my child.” We came home with twice as much candy as our siblings! It was a blast!

  25. Christy L. on said:

    This year, I was most nostalgic about making Halloween shirts with my preschoolers– using their hands to make spiders. I love the holidays as a teacher, and wish I could hurry and find a job in my new place!

  26. Martha on said:

    My favorite memory just happened on Monday! I dressed up as a Jedi and while working that night I over heard a child tell his dad “Dad look she is a Jedi she must have a high count of midi-chlorians in her!” I started laughing when the dad goes “A high count of what?” The kid then answers “midi-chlorians dad, they make you strong in the force!”

    I will never forget that night!

  27. Mary Olin on said:

    My favorite halloween memory was how every year when I was a little girl my mom would ALWAYS make chili. When I was little I HATED chili, but I always had to eat a few bites before I could go trick or treating. As I got older I noticed one year my mom did not make chili. I got so mad at her because by then I had grown to love chili. I missed our little tradition. So every year after that while I still lived at home my mommy would always make me chili and I still always try to make chili for Halloween. :)

  28. PAM STEWART on said:

    My five-year-old granddaughter was allowed to get a pet mouse to carry Halloween night to go with her special animal girl protector costume she created with the stipulation that she would let it go after trick-or-treating. Her power of persuasion is verified as she talks her dad into letting her keep it. She now has Sammy the mouse and was seen brushing his hair last night!

  29. michele on said:

    I love Halloween! My favorite is handing out the candy to all the cute little kids in costume! But I hate it when I have left over candy because I always end up eating it (all)!

  30. Shelley Greenfield on said:

    My FAVORITE costume I had when I was growing up was a BIG GIANT Rubik’s Cube I made myself! It looked so real and was fun to wear.

  31. Thank you for a awesome give away!
    This year I was excited to see my husband dress-up for work,
    not sure what he was but, he looked reall scarry. I think he dressed up because I came to his work with our 10mon old dressed up as a cowboy.

  32. Crystal on said:

    This Halloween was one of the best because I got to spend it in California with my neice and 2 nephews. I always get sad that I have to miss holidays being so far away from them. So I was very happy to be able to take them trick-or-treating and do various Halloween activities. We had a great time and of course they got tons of candy and Tia (me) got to see their smiling faces and the excitment they had that night.

  33. Julia Parker on said:

    My favorite Halloween story ever is actually from this year – I took all 5 of the kiddos trunk-or-treating at a church where a number of our friends go, but we aren’t members (so the people giving out the candy didn’t really know us, I guess). And as we’re walking around, a lady noticed my youngest 2 kiddos – 10-month-old identical twin boys. She says “oh, look, you borrowed one and dressed them up as twins!” I couldn’t help but giggle as I told her “um, no, they really are identical twins!” :) It was also pretty funny that Nate – my completely rebellious child – was carrying the candy bucket for the twins and every single car we stopped at gave him trouble for “breaking the rules” and carrying 2 baskets – until he explained that he was just trying to be nice to his baby brothers! :)

  34. I love Halloween! It’s my absolute favorite. My favorite costume was my Hershey Kiss costume I had made :) It was the cutest and the best yet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Angelique Urquidez on said:

    Halloween was super fun this year because our 2 year old triplets went trick or treating for the first time. They were precious dressed as Batman and Catgirls! Our best Halloween yet.

  36. One of my favorite costumes was one I made at the very last minute 25 years ago. I took wire to build the framework for my outfit and then covered it in aluminum foil. Took a long piece of white tissue paper and wrote “Hershey Kiss” in 12 inch sized letters. Put a brown turtleneck sweater on, as well as brown tights. Popped on my foil costume (with the long tissue paper attached at the neck) and went partying. I won first prize at 2 different parties that night. I also found that though it was a prize-winning costume, it had its drawbacks — it didn’t fit in a conventional car (I had to put it in the back of a pick-up) and I couldn’t sit down or use the bathroom very easily (it was hard to get in and out of it)!

  37. Samantha on said:

    My favorite Halloween memory is carving pumpkins. I’ve done it every year with my BF. It’s a great tradition :)

  38. Celina Vigil on said:

    This year my favorite costume was one of my coworkers. She dressed up as as Jessica from True Blood and looked awesome. :)

  39. amanda on said:

    This year I loved seeing my 5 year old dressed as Luke Skywalker and my 10 month old dressed as Yoda.

  40. Amanda R. on said:

    As a child I always dressed up as something rather common.. a princess or witch or cat. This year I asked my husband what he used to dress up as. He told me that his favorite costume was his home-made (by himself!) “homicidal carrot costume”! I’m still not entirely sure what that is exactly, but it makes me smile! ;)

  41. Joanna on said:

    My kids went as a soldier and tinkerbell this year, until tinkerbell pulled her wings off and said “I’m over these wings, who invented these anyway?”Haha well she learns it from dad I’m sure:)

  42. Christina on said:

    I made G’s costume this year all by myself. He was the man in the yellow hat from Curious George and he looked adorable!! This was the first year he really “got it” and was soo enthusiastic about his Trick or Treat!!

  43. Debbie Sieber on said:

    My daughter’s joke she told me yesterday: Q. What do you call someone afraid of Halloween? A. A Halloweenie

  44. Christine on said:

    I love taking my 2 boys trick-or-treating. We go around the neighborhood for a little bit so that they can participate in the tradition of getting candy. Then we go home and hand out candy so that they benefit on the giving part too. They enjoy doing both equally.

  45. Brenda on said:

    My grandson was Link from the game Zelda and someone thought he was Peter Pan very sad face involved

  46. Not entering the contest Nicole. Just wanted to say that your Halloween story is as cute as your mini cookies!

  47. april vaughn on said:

    so this year my 6yr old son and i were trick or treating. we saw what we thought was a cat and he commented that it looked funny. (i didnt notice that there were 3 cats very close by, terrified to go to their food bowl). i said yeah it does and kept on walking. for some reason i decided to take a second look as i walked by…and that funny cat (SKUNK!) chased us down the block. it was the funniest sight ever – on a dead end street and no one else around.

  48. This year our not-quite-two-year-old grandson enjoyed his first trip out as a Trick or Treater and he was just so cute to watch. Not prone to shyness, he knocked on doors and when people answered, he said “Hi” instead of the normal “Trick or Treat” (which he finally got by the end of the night). What cracked me up was that when people held a bowl of candy out to him, he said “Pease?” and then followed up with “Hank You” and as my daughter walked him back towards the stroller, he frequently turned back to the houses waving his chubby little arm calling, “Bye! Bye! ‘Uv You!” I’m not sure what was cuter.. him or the reactions of several neighbors who hadn’t met him before. Anyway, it reminded me of how much I enjoy Halloween.

  49. Ashley H. on said:

    My favorite costume this year was some guy dressed as a centaur. It was really creative.

  50. Jessica Whiting on said:

    My favorite costume was my mom and dad. My mom was dressed up as an Oompa Loompa and my dad was dressed up as Willy Wonka. So amazing!

  51. plasstick_phorque on said:

    This Halloween rocked. It was our first time to dress up in costume as a family. Kids were Mr. Miyagi and The Karate Kid and Parents: Short Round from Indian Jones and Randy Watson from Coming to America. Can’t wait for next year!

  52. Emily Colletta on said:

    This year my two year old son was dressed as the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. I made the costume myself and even stitched Curious George to his back! He looked adorable. I love Halloween and I love giveaways!!

  53. My favorite costumes I saw this year had to be Peggy and Al Bundy, and a group of friends who dressed as the cast from Karate Kid (the original!).

  54. Tiffany Harper on said:

    I remember the best costume ever was when my mom made my very own satin Dracula cape. I loved the black top with red inner layer. And the teeth! I loved the teeth ;) .

  55. Brittany N. on said:

    We took our children to the mall for trick or treating this year with some friends of ours. At the end of the night we told our oldest son to tell the lil girl good by and thank you or coming out with us! He said just that, and then they both leaned in to give each other a hug and kiss. (He is 3 and she is 5)It was so cute and innocent and such a sweet thing to see my lil boys first kiss haha such a good Halloween. :) )

  56. Julia Gottshall on said:

    Every year since my daughters were both babies they have worn homemade costumes. Megan was only 7 weeks old for her first Halloween and I had strep throat so she was stuck wearing an orange sleep ‘n play (I don’t think she minded). Emily’s great-aunt made her first Halloween costume (I was very intimidated by the pattern). But since then, I have made their costumes. They pick out what they want during the summer so I have plenty of time to make them. I think my favorites were when they were Batgirl and Supergirl. Or when they were a mermaid and a butterfly. Or when they were Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West. Or when they were Jasmine and a tiger. I can’t decide! What makes it worth the hours and hours of sewing for just a few hours of wearing is that they have told me they like for me to make their costumes.

  57. Cindy Hundley Wright on said:

    This year has been my favorite Halloween. My three year old twins were dressed as bumble bees. It was so fun taking them trick or treating. Brings back so many memories of being a child and going trick or treating myself. I am so blessed to have such sweet little girls in my life.

  58. Natasha McGee on said:

    My oldest son is two and I was so excited for trick or treating this year nc he understands a lot more than last year. We were practicing say the words and holding our bag open and as a joke my husband started trying to get my son to say trick or treat smell my feet…well my soon looked at him very seriously and then bent down to smell his feet and said ” daddys feet are stinky!” We laughed for a long time :)

  59. Leanne on said:

    My favorite Halloween memory is this year. We weren’t sure how S. would do with trick or treating since he’s pretty shy. At the first house, he was very shy but once he realized that all he has to do is hold out his bucket and people will give him stuff? Whoa! He was RUNNING between houses. We had to chase after him. It was really cool to see him get into something like that. Once we were home, we had to pry the bucket from his hands to get him to go to bed. He didn’t want to eat it, he just wanted to carry it around. :)

  60. Christy Eddy on said:

    When I was growing up, my parents were foster parents. One Halloween I remember us having a total of 11 kids in the house so money was tight and we couldn’t afford Halloween costumes. So, my dad dug out our Christmas storage box and found mom and dad’s Mr & Mrs Claus outfits (they used them yearly for thecounty-wide foster childrens christmas party!) and then mom dressed all 11 of us kids in red, white and green like little elves! My dad even went so far as to decorate our van with garland and ornaments! We blasted Christmas songs and went trick-or-treating! It was one of the best Halloweens ever!

  61. Lorraine on said:

    I loved your story! My sons almost sang the song Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat this year while trick or treating. I told them it was a funny song we only sing at home and that other people answering the door may not appreciate it. We had a close call but were able to put a stop to the song before it was fully sung at the door of a neighbor’s house.
    Lorraine @

  62. My favorite thing about Halloween this year is that my niece and nephew for to spend it with us since they moved here from Germany on Sunday. It was an awesome day!

  63. Emily M. on said:

    I know it’s a classic that has been done many times but my favorite costume this year was my best friends 4 month old dressed as Yoda. Baby I. is the cutest, chubbiest baby and his lil chubby cheeks completely made the costume!

  64. Portia L. on said:

    My favorite Halloween memory was when we tried to take our daughter trick or treating for the first time. She was 5 ( we had tried earlier but she wanted nothing to do with it! ) We went to my great aunt’s house (who was also her babysitter). We went there and she said ok mom, can we go home? My husband kept on her, talking to her all the way, telling her how much fun it was going to be. By the time we were wore out from walking…we had to talk her into going home! He has been SO GOOD with her :) She is now 17 (almost 18) and would still rather go trick or treating than pass out candy. Even if she doesn’t have a costume to wear…she’ll find a goofy hat to wear just to pass out candy. GREAT MEMORIES!!

  65. My favorite Halloween was my daughter’s very first one. I dressed her up like a ladybug and she looked SO much like the Anne Gedde’s babies that I had to take a zillion pictures of her in the costume. I honestly don’t remember Halloween before I became a mother.

  66. Crystal Degand on said:

    One of my favorite memories is when I dressed up like a brain donor, and the girl in the next office dressed up like a scare crow. She put a note on my office door saying “you have something i need” signed S.C. I thought it was a note from some weirdo. Lol

  67. Jessica Gutierrez on said:

    My favorite thing about Halloween this year was dressing up my 6 week old daughter in a flower costume!!! Happy belated Halloween!

  68. Janine R. on said:

    Pressed for a deadline I was so involved at my desk, a coworker came up behind me and gently ran his finger across the back of my hair barely touching and when I didn’t notice he did it again.. this time I turned around quick and he had one of those freakish masks on and I SCREAMED..can I say embarrassing???

  69. Barbara on said:

    Great give-away — love the suspense! I think my favorite costume was what my little grandson wore last year. He went as a garden gnome and looked like David the Gnome (it used to be a cartoon show) … which brought back great memories for me of watching that with my kids every afternoon.

  70. Hannah on said:

    My favorite Halloween costume has got to be our puppy, Presley’s! He went as woody and Owen went has buzz…it had to be one of the cutest things ever! :)

  71. ashley biggee on said:

    i loved seeing my 2 year old say trick-treat!

  72. michael greenway on said:

    Seeing pictures of my son dressed up as a shark, screaming for chocolate

  73. ashley greenway on said:


  74. Tammy Carter on said:

    I dressed up as a witch several years ago and just walked around my small town. People would speak to me and I wouldn’t say anything, I think it freaked a lot of people out but I had the most fun!

    I can totally relate to your first cookie attempts. :)

  75. Charlotte on said:

    My favorite Halloween begins with the making of my own popcorn balls to share with my family and college students…each year Erica, Nicole and Jacki would eat the googy popcorn balls and the year that Nicole and Jacki dressed as the skunk (Jacki) and cat (Nicole) I noticed there was a rather “sticky” part of both their costumes’ tails…needless to say it was from eating the popcorn balls. That same night Nicole and Jacki sat at the top of our driveway (which was very long) with me and handed the popcorn balls out to neighboring trick-r-treaters. Halloween is always one of my favorite holidays.

  76. Tanya Paini on said:

    My favorite memory of Halloween just happens to be from this year! This year Emma actually got to trick or treat on her own and by on her own, I mean by walking! She was such a cute Gnome and was so precious walking around like a big girl!

  77. Kim @ The Cookie Puzzle on said:

    I love handing out candy to all the Trick or Treaters…I get to see so many cute and creative costumes…and I don’t have to leave my house!

  78. Georgia Tiefel on said:

    I loved this year because it was my sons FIRST Haloween!! He got to dress up as a monkey and got to go out with some friends to go trick or treating. He got LOTS of candy for his first year cant wait till next year! :)

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