A spooky blast from the ghostly past. . .

Last year, my dear friend Stacy surprised me by having a beautiful ghost cutter sent to me as a gift. The cutter was copper (one of my first!) and very large (6″x5″) & detailed, and I really wanted to make something special with it. Plus, Stacy said she was super-excited to see what I would do with it!

Now, the more I thought and thought about it, the more I realized that a traditional approach with just a large expanse of white & a small face would be too boring. However, most ghosts don’t look that different, you know? So I thought some more. THEN, I came up with a great idea!

You know how in shows & cartoons & comics, there’s always a character dressed up as a ghost? Usually it’s the one who didn’t think ahead, right? Even in cute Halloween decorations I’ve seen, there have been witches & goblins dressed up as ghosts… but never the other way around. I could make GHOSTS, but costume them up as OTHER CHARACTERS!!

And the super-large cookie cutter gave me just the space for details that I would need – yay! 🙂

(Now, these cookies are still cute, but they definitely show me how FAR I have come in a year of decorating. Do you ever have cookies that you wish you had time to re-do? These would be mine, for sure. In addition, I sure wish I could go back in time and not have to “prop” them up on posterboard, skull candles, and candy corn! Nowadays, I use these handy cookie stands from KarensCookies.net when I want to display a standing cookie – they are fantastic!)

But keep in mind that I was still such a newbie last fall. 😉

And so, without further ado, here is my 2010 Halloween Ghost Collection!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
Ghosties dressed up as Frankenstein and a Princess.

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
A Superman, Vampire, and ol’ Frankie.

What’s this? Something is terrorizing the happy, little Ghostie neighborhood!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
A scary Werewolf frightens Lil’ Red Riding Hood.

After he chases her off into the wilderness, another group of Ghostie trick-or-treaters comes by…

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
A Snowman and a Strawberry – how adorable!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
And then The Riddler and an Inmate wander through with the Snowman.

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
Next, a Nun!

But I gotta say that The Riddler was my very favorite of the set! 😀

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
(Doesn’t he look just like Jim Carrey in Batman Forever? *nods*)

And oh, no! Here comes the Werewolf again!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
Perhaps this Alien and Bat won’t be as easily scared away…

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
Or maybe this Spiderweb and McD’s Fries?

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
But mean ‘ol Werewolf runs them off as well!

A handsome foursome of regular Ghosties floats by… and the two on this end are still pretty happy.

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
(Please forgive the horribly misshapen head!)

But the two on this end are stricken with surprise and fear!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.
(Of course, that may be due to the giant prop skull, too…)

With the Werewolf off chasing the regular Ghosts, the trick-or-treaters are able to continue on their merry way, shuffling as a giant bunch from door-to-door.

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.

At last, all is well. 🙂

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.


… or IS IT?!

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.

We gave away these 19 large Ghosties in “Boo!” bags to my boys’ friends last year. They enjoyed dashing from doorbells, hiding before their friends could catch who gifted them. AND, I like to think the kids who received these Ghosts thought they were the best thing ever! 😉

(As a sidenote, please take a moment to laugh at this picture that I took. Apparently, I thought the best way to showcase my Ghostie was with every smallish Halloween prop in my house…)

2010 Halloween Ghost Cookies.

Oh, aren’t you glad I’ve gotten better since then, at both cookies AND taking photographs of them? I sure am! 😉

If you’ve got a set of cookies or photos you’d like to re-do from your past, please link me to them – I’d love to see! Even if you just have a story, I’d love to hear it! ♥

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7 comments on “A spooky blast from the ghostly past. . .

  1. April West on said:

    These are awesome! I cant wait to see photos of this year’s halloween cookies!

  2. Samantha on said:

    They may not be perfect, but they sure are creative! And cute!

  3. OMG Nicole, these are so adorable and so much fun. I can’t believe that you decorated so many different ghosts in costumes! You are so creative. Who would have thought to do an inmate with Little Red Riding Hood, a Nun and a box of McD’s fries?! You are fabulous and a ton of fun.

  4. Well – thank you for being brave and sharing your ‘before’ cookies. Really, I think they’re great! (Much Greater than my own before cookies – which is the phase I’m actually in now.) And Sooo creative!

  5. Susan @ The Weekly Sweet Experiment on said:

    I love the ghosts!! I think they are great! So creative. I just started blogging and I think my pictures have a lot of room for improvement. I hope in a year they get better 🙂

  6. Heather on said:

    I like the way your mind works 🙂 These are pretty dern good and creative for ‘before’!

  7. Kristina on said:

    Nicole that is the cutest thing ever!! I love it =)

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