Hello Kitty.

Melissa won the raffle for a dozen decorated sugar cookies, and she chose a set of Hello Kitty cookies for her BFF’s birthday in Las Vegas.

Hello Kitty Cookies.

Now, I don’t have a cutter or anything for these, so I carved the dough by hand to get as close to the shapes I needed. I think it turned out pretty well!

Hello Kitty Cookies.

I also carefully drew freehand the characters. I held a picture in my left hand & attempted to recreate it with my right hand & a bag of black piping icing. :-)

Hello Kitty Cookies.

Melissa was very happy with the cookies, and of course, I included a special Thank-You cookie just for her, too:

Coordinating Thank-You cookie.

I’ve heard that Hobby Lobby now carries a set of Wilton cutters for these shapes, but the location in town here doesn’t seem to have them. I intend to keep looking, as I suspect Hello Kitty will be a cookie I need to make again in the future!

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3 comments on “Hello Kitty.

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  2. Cathy D on said:

    I love the ones you did for your friend, too, but to free-hand these?! Wow! Now, that is impressive! You did an awesome job!

    • Nicole on said:

      Thank you! I look at these & see all my uneven mistakes, of course, but they still look okay. I definitely learned some things. For example, I made the bow raised in HK’s hair the second time around, adding more dimension to her (I think). :-)

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