Let’s “get popped!”

It’s time to “get popped,” friends!


My friend Janet posted a while ago about her favorite snacking chip – Popchips – and her love for them. I’d never heard of Popchips at the time, but I kept an eye out for them to appear in my area. Finally, about a month ago, I found a few flavors in my local military commissary, and I couldn’t wait to snack on ‘em myself. I picked up a bag of Original flavor Popchips, and I dug in.


I was immediately hooked! If you’ve never tried them before, let me tell you just a bit about them. They are perfectly seasoned with just the right touch of salt, and the light, popped chip isn’t greasy at all! For a chip, they’re practically *good* for you, too – the ENTIRE BAG is less fat & calories than a serving of regular potato chips. I couldn’t believe it!

I thanked Janet for introducing me to a great new snack, and she suggested I write to Popchips. I thought, “You know what? I should!” And so I penned a letter to the company, expressing how much I enjoyed Popchips. I got the sweetest email back from their PR department, telling me to be out the lookout for a box of goodies – wow!

And sure enough, a few days later, a large box arrived from San Francisco, and inside I found this:


And with marketing like that, how could I not ‘pop’ right into that baby?! :-)


They even included a little note just for me! And look at this little chip clip!


Now, our military commissary only sold a few flavors at the time I bought my bag: Original & BBQ. However, Popchips sells several more varieties, and they sent me samples of lots of exciting ones to try!


Though I still have a special place in my heart for the Original flavor, I sure enjoyed the spicy taste of the Salt & Pepper Popchips, as well as the great cheesy taste of Cheddar Potato Popchips. My husband particularly liked the BBQ Popchips, and he snagged half of my Salt & Pepper ones, too. (Stealer!)

But the very best part is that Popchips sent me a handful of GREAT coupons, too. I’m keeping most of ‘em for myself, but I do want to share the Popchips taste, especially with those of you who may not have tried them before! I have TWO coupons for a FREE bag, and I want to give them away to two of my readers! If you’d like to try Popchips on me, just leave a comment below (including your email address), and I will get in touch with you for your mailing address. I will draw two winners from the comments received on Friday, Sept. 9th, at 9:00am. :-)


Our military commissary now carries a few more varieties, too. I’ve seen at least four flavors in the chip aisle now, and I hope to see even more soon. I’m REALLY excited to try Popchips’ newest flavor:

jalapeno popchips

In fact, if I don’t see it in my store soon, I’m going to order a case online! :-) I hope you’ll give Popchips a try, and I hope you love ‘em as much as both my friend Janet & I do!

And I want to make things clear: Popchips didn’t ask me to make this post, nor has any idea I am doing so. I just think that a great company ought to be heralded as such, and I truly do hope that you give these chips a try soon. It was very sweet of them to send me a care package, but I was already in love with them even before it arrived! :-)

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14 comments on “Let’s “get popped!”

  1. Amber Barber on said:

    Never heard of them. Guess I am going to have to keep an eye out at our local store. However, I live in Podunk, so it’s highly doubtful I will find any..ever. ;)

    • Definitely keep your eyes peeled, Amber. I never thought I’d see them in our military commissary either, and although it took months, they finally showed up! :-)

  2. I love that they sent you a goodie box. I should write companies more often and let them know how much I love their products. ;)

  3. I love how this company introduced their smaller size bags! So cute. How nice of them to send you their products and personalize the package with a hand-written note! We don’t have them here yet…hoping they arrive in Canada soon :)

    • And it was so great – the perfect size for trying each flavor! I found that you can even buy them online in mixed boxes just like that (though I’m tempted to order a whole box of just ‘Salt & Pepper’ flavor!).

  4. Portia Ladley on said:

    I think I’ve seen them in our grocery store but I’m always afraid to be the first to try things out. Now that I’ve heard your review…I’ll give them a try. I LOVE the fact that they wrote you back and sent samples…customer service sounds EXCELLENT ;-)

  5. I have always been a fan of the original flavor, but I didn’t realize they had so many others! Jalapeño sound amazing!

    Plus what amazing PR, it’s nice to see a company that cares about their customers too :)

  6. I love that you L-O-V-E PopChips! They are soooooooo good! And, they are a great company too (bonus!!!)

    Thank you for mentioning my post, and for being a great friend!

    Keep popping!



    • I don’t know whether to love you or hate you… love you for introducing me to Popchips, or hate you because I’m now hooked! ;-)

  7. Amanda R. on said:

    Sounds awesome! I’m dieting and have heard those things are great. Some day I”ll try ‘em!

    • Amanda, you should definitely check ‘em out! I’m currently doing Weight Watchers myself, and a serving is just 3pts – unheard of for a potato chip!

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