The Man in the Yellow Hat is my hero.

Growing up, what were some of your very favorite books? I’m talking young books here, elsewise I would be mentioning some serious love for Ramona Quimby (did you hear there’s going to be a movie?!) or Claudia Kishi and Dawn Schafer (I can’t tell you the number of “clubs” I formed while reading that series). No, I want to know about your favorites when you were itty-bitty.

One I loved for my older sister to read to me was The Fat Cat. I have our family’s old copy, and it still resides in Jack’s room. Another favorite was Doctor De Soto, and I still see pictures in my mind when I visit the dentist. I dragged Animals of Buttercup Farm with me everywhere (and still have it!), and I can remember my mom reading it to me over and over. And then I went through a Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite phase, and I swear I read Happy Birthday, Buddy Blue every day (also one I still have).

And of course, I had favorites from Dr. Seuss practically memorized. (Who doesn’t, even now?!) But a special treat that I only remember reading while at the library were Curious George books. And oh, he had so many fun tales! With my boys last week, I was on a mission to re-find that ol’ monkey, and I counted over twenty different titles! I checked out two for inspiration (the original Curious George and Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon), and I was set.

What did I need inspiration for? Cookies, of course!

Curious George cookies for Elsa's 3rd birthday.

My Aunt Mary ordered cookies for my cousin Alisa’s daughter Elsa’s third birthday. At first, she mentioned wanting the girl monkey cookies (… which, apparently, I’ve not journaled about yet?!), but then she changed her mind to Curious George. I was so excited to try something new and challenging!

I flipped through the books and found a few pictures to attempt, and then I tossed in a few “title” cookies, as well as a few big “3” cookies for little Elsa. And to make things even more busy, I iced these at the same time as another order (boy monkey cookies that also haven’t yet made it to LiveJournal), so I had piping bags and flooding bottles all over the place!

But that’s what makes it so fun, right? 🙂

The full set.

All the cookies for the order.

Now, Curious George at his most mischievous ranks right up there with Alexander on his most terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days… but I want to hear about YOUR favorites, too!

The matching Thank-You cookie.
The matching Thank-You cookie for the order.

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