The boys finished school last Thursday, May 27th. I think the entire last week (four days) were nothing but fun and games, but they had a great time. Tuesday and Wednesday were both Field Days, and then Thursday was a whirlwind of events as well.

Packaged and ready to go!
Bees and flowers!

When I set out for the school, a torrential downpour was just beginning. Despite putting my hood up, my glasses were still spotted with rain, and everything I was carrying was soaked through on top… and I parked in the first row near the school! I arrived at the school at 10:20, just a few minutes before A.J.’s 6th grade “Appetizer Social” was set to begin. They had four long tables of food spread, and I couldn’t believe how much these kids could put away! A.J. had asked me to make chocolate chip cookies for the event, waiting until 9pm to do so. I’d gotten the boys off to school that morning, then hurriedly threw together a batch of cookies, baking two dozen before putting the rest of the dough in the fridge and zooming off to the school with the very-warm cookies for his class.

It was a nice, leisurely time with him and his classmates, and I enjoyed chatting with his teacher, too. A.J. delivered his teacher gifts while I had the basket of goodies there. After an hour, I left his classroom and headed towards Jack’s for what was to be a “picnic lunch on blankets outside.” My fleece blanket was still wet on the one side, so we folded it down and ate our sack lunches together. He and his classmates looked adorable in their tie-dyed t-shirts (they’d made them in class the Friday before), but it made Jack a bit harder to spot!

His teacher was just over-the-moon for the little gift that Jack gave both her and her classroom aide. He delivered a few others to special teachers around the school (P.E. and music), and then we settled on our blankets for a short movie in his classroom. After an hour-and-a-half, I then left his room to return the empty basket and blanket to the car. I returned and spent the next half-hour speaking with the guidance counselor about A.J.’s transition next year to middle school. It was a great way to spend the time. I purposely had not wanted to leave the school for that short time… just to fight for a parking spot when I returned at 1:30 for the awards assembly.

During the assembly, I gave my second seat to Jan, a friend and fellow graduate from our high school in West Virginia. We reminisced and planned to get together over the summer with the boys, and it was nice. Once the assembly was over, the boys returned to their classrooms for ice cream cones served by the PTA. After they were finished, they were free to leave, and we drove away about 30 minutes before the “official” end of school. And even after over four hours at the school, my hood and blanket were STILL WET!

Now it’s full-on summer break, and they are living the easy life! They don’t return to school until Aug. 26th.

For the boys’ teacher gifts, I made special sugar cookies. The boys also each picked out and wrote notes in a card, and then they presented the card and cookies together. I didn’t go with the boys as they delivered extra cookie packages to the other teachers (principal, counselors, elective, etc.), but I was present when their full-time teachers received the gift, and they both LOVED them!

End-of-Year Teacher cookies.

The idea for these cookies came from a last-minute post by Bridget at Bake at 350. She has the cutest ideas!

I couldn’t get enough of their little stingers! I felt a bit weird trying to take a picture of just their rear ends. *wink*

These flowers were absolutely HUGE! They were bigger than the palm of my hand, if that serves as any reference.

And what does a bee’s face look like? Yeah, I wasn’t sure either, and I wasn’t keen on drawing a million little eyes. I chose a simple smiley instead. 🙂

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