Sweet honor!

I’ve been so blessed today, and I want to share my fantastic news with you:

My cookies were featured today on the “Sunday Sweets” portion of CakeWrecks!

*cartwheels* *cartwheels* *cartwheels*

If you’re not already a regular reader of CakeWrecks (and why aren’t you?!), you should be from this point forward! It is a daily dose of hilarity in sugar form, and I love checking in for a chuckle. John & Jen have witty commentary, and they do an awesome job to keep the site in tip-top form at all times. They’re quick to respond to readers (which isn’t always the case with bloggers), and it’s just so FUN over there!

In the midst of the frosting chaos, however, they take a moment each Sunday to highlight true gems in the biz, using a schtick called “Sunday Sweets.” These weekly tributes generally run on a theme, and they always feature jaw-dropping works from amazing bakers from all over (including TV celebs such as Buddy Velastro of Cake Boss and Charm City Cakes from Ace of Cakes). Every week, I’m awed and inspired with the fabulous sugar work shown.

And then… I was notified by a reader of mine today that MY OWN WORK was featured on “Sunday Sweets” today! Check it out here: Cake Wrecks: Sunday Sweets: Summer Lovin’

I read the note, then loaded the page, almost trembling with cautious excitement… it was real! As I read the kind words on my cookies, my eyes welled with happy tears. What an amazing moment! :-)

Now, the cakes also featured today are by far more stellar, and as always, I’m speechless at their perfection & beauty.  But just as they always say on the award shows, it’s an amazing feeling to even be considered among such great work. I just can’t believe it!

These are the cookies highlighted, and my friend Sarah is the sweet mind who sent my work to Jen & John for consideration. I’m just so incredibly touched! :-)

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One comment on “Sweet honor!

  1. Janet on said:

    Congratulations, sweet girl!! You deserve the recognition… And more!

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