“Be All You Can Be…

In the Arrrrrrrrr-my!”

That was my favorite slogan for the U.S. Army, and I was nonplussed with the change to “Army of One” in the early 2000’s. Thank goodness it has changed again, but I still don’t think “Army Strong” is quite as catchy. 😉

What’s the segue, you ask? After all, I’m an Air Force wife, and I shouldn’t be discussing the Army at all! Well, it’s a favor called in. A favor asked by family, and cookies made for non-family, so I guess it’s okay. Even so, I jokingly called my husband up (he’s currently visiting his father & family in West Virginia) and asked for permission before I tackled these cookies. He gave me the green light, of course, but he made me promise not to eat any of them!

Army Cookies

The family mentioned is my husband’s dear 3rd cousin Paula (who I’ve mentioned here before), and she requested the cookies as a gift to her best friend. That best friend is throwing a large party for her son Paul’s graduation next week. As monumental as that occasion is, Paul is then headed off to West Point just one week later!

Dog Tags

Army Truck

I’ve made camouflage and military-themed cookies before (though I’m too behind to have them featured on the blog yet!), but I wasn’t thrilled with the technique. This time, however, I set my goal and prepared to “Aim High” (Air Force), and I think I got the job done right. 🙂

Camouflage and Flag cookies

Tank and Grenade cookies

I completely forgot to take a picture of the coordinating Thank-You cookie, but it was a simple round with camouflage-colored dots. I realized it after I’d bagged & boxed all the cookies, and even though I hadn’t taped up the big box, I still considered it too late. I mailed off over 60+ cookies to Virginia, and I hope they are enjoyed at the party next weekend!

Army Cookies

Lastly, best wishes to Paul as he begins to “Get an Edge on Life… in the Arrrrrrrr-my!”

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22 comments on ““Be All You Can Be…

  1. Leanne on said:

    How long do the cookies stay fresh for?

  2. Aimée on said:

    I love these! You’re so talented! 🙂

  3. gamia on said:

    omg they look wonderful!

  4. Janet on said:

    All the best to Paul!!

    These cookies are (just like everything else you do) ah-mazing!

  5. becky.weber@prime-policy.com on said:

    Nicole –
    I am Paul’s Mom and I cannot tell you what a special surprise these cookies were for our party! Just amazing, (and of course, my dear friend Paula is also!). They were the hit of the party and people are still raving. I posted them today on a West Point Moms website so don’t be surprised if you are inundated with more Army cookie orders! My Dad is a former Air Force fighter pilot, so I especially appreciate your ability to be flexible amongst our military branches – God bless all who serve. We are learning to cheer for the Army now! Paul goes into West Point on Monday – thanks so much for your well wishes and sharing your baking talents with us! Becky

  6. Paula on said:

    Wonderful job on the cookies Nicole! Love that you personalized the order with the dog tags. Congratulations to the newest member of West Point and all the best to him.

  7. Coyea ET Kizzie on said:

    Hello, I love the cookies. What is the process to place a order?

  8. sweetsugarbelle on said:

    These are really wonderful. Came to check on you. Wondering if thingsare getting better.

  9. For shipping cookies over seas I’ve had it take up to 3 weeks getting to my husband’s FOB in Afghanistan they still were fresh. You just really have to pack them well.

    • Yes, I’d say that’s pretty typical for overseas shipping. My hubby never complained about anything he received while deployed. 🙂

  10. Tamra on said:

    Love this idea! My son is leaving for Marine boot camp this summer and I would love to have something like this at his grad party. Are there cutout or molds that you can purchase anywhere? Anyone know? He also mentioned a cake, but I think these cookies would be a great surprise! Thanks

  11. Toni Palmer on said:

    Sent you an enail today about placing an order

  12. annette huelsman on said:

    Nicole, the cookies look wonderful,my grandson is leaving for army baseittraining sept 19, and we are having a going away party for him, how much are your cookies and how long does it take to get them ?

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