Meet Darwin.

In cookie form, that is. *wink*

Newfoundland Dog cookies.

My friend Meri contacted me a few months ago to let me know that she had ordered a special cutter to be sent directly to my house. She wanted me to make cookies resembling her big puppy, Darwin – a Newfoundland. The cookie cutter was very large, and I was a bit concerned about the folks later eating all that black icing… (imagine their tongues & teeth?!), but I went ahead with the design.

Newfoundland Dog cookies.

Her doggy has just a bit of speckled white on his paws, and I incorporated that with a tiny amount of marbling. The rest is all black, baby! From his body to his tufts of back fur, to his long, bushy tail – BLACK! I loved his big, shaggy ears. 🙂

Newfoundland Dog cookies.

And, as always, I created a special Thank-You cookie just for Meri. This one was extra fun, piping a tiny, little Darwin on the cookie. I just used little white dots to represent his speckled feet, as there wasn’t room for more detail!

Coordinating Thank-You cookie.

With the box of cookies, I included a special surprise for Darwin himself – a large box of Newf Breakfast Bars. The batter for those “cookies” used my very largest mixing bowl… and then some! (Be warned, though – these will NOT make a good dough for cutting out shapes, as I tried desperately.) I was surprised as I mixed them up, though – the batter/ingredients smelled more like “people food” to me!

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13 comments on “Meet Darwin.

  1. These are so cute!

  2. Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction on said:

    So adorable!! I have a yellow lab, and I ordered a cookie cutter so she could make Christmas cookies for her people friends this year. As I was making them, though, I was thinking that it was good I don’t have a black lab. That black icing turned out perfectly… Your cookies are perfect!

    • Nicole on said:

      Thank you! They took a LOT of color, and my friend sent me pics of her daughters with black tongues, but they all still seemed to really enjoy the cookies! 🙂

  3. Georganne on said:

    My favorite part about this is that she ordered a cutter TO BE SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOUSE. I love it!! And the little dog is adorable as well. I love the little tongue. 🙂

    • Nicole on said:

      And I didn’t even know she wanted them until AFTER she had ordered the cutter already! It was a fun order! 🙂

  4. paddleattachment on said:

    I love all of your attention to detail here – from the paws on the big guy to your tiny replica on the round cookie. Great stuff!

  5. Paula on said:

    I echo paddleattachment’s comment. Wonderful cookies and I love his little tongue (although on a Newfoundland Dog it isn’t so little)

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  7. Just Ramblin' on said:

    How very cool! : )

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