All the Pretty Birdies!

(Sing it with me, Beyonce-style. “All the pretty birdies! All the pretty birdies! Now put your beaks up!”)



Isn’t that little orange birdie just the CUTEST thing?! Mr. Bluebird (*on my should-er!*) is keeping watching over the tiny orange one, and they’re just sweet tweets together. I love them. 🙂

These little birdies are part of a special bunch. I created this flock as “test subjects,” and I think they are pretty adorable. However, I think they are TOO adorable to keep here in my home, so I’d like to offer these up for sale. Several of you have expressed an interest in my cookies – no matter the theme – and these might just fit the bill. (Ha!)

So… down to details. There are ten fun bird designs, and each one is represented twice. A total of 20 cookies is up for grabs, and they are ready to ship out tomorrow. These are 4″ rounds, and normally I would charge $3/cookie for this detail, but I’m only asking $28 for them (including the $15 for UPS shipping).

Any takers? The early bird gets the worm here, folks! 😀


This fella would LOVE to fly to your home.

I call the one on the left my “Yoda” bird.



ETA: Cookies are gone, folks! Thank you!

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