Unexpected cookie gifts!

I did a lot of secretive mailing a few days ago. Today, my first friend received her box of surprise cookies, so now I can put the pictures up!

You see, I mentioned last week that I was baking cookies. This friend jokingly asked me to send her a bite… with sprinkles. Now, since I’d not made many sugar cookies with sprinkles, I figured that showing a picture of them so soon after she’d commented would be a dead giveaway. So I waited and waited…

Carrie sure was surprised, and I love it! *grins*

I had all these fun icing colors leftover after making the cute birdies, and I hated to waste them. Instead, I whipped up a batch of cookies just for my family. You see, we don’t get to eat that many sugar cookies because the cookies are always for someone else! I played around with our cookies, just having fun. In turn, we had some easy, whimsical designs:

I worked on the cookies at the dining room table, and when I finished, I began to carry the racks to the kitchen for overnight drying. I wasn’t careful enough, and one big cookie began to slide… I scrambled to save it, but in my haste, I wiggled more cookies. Before I knew it, SPLAT! I had five bold, vivid, and very wet cookies face-down on my hardwood floors.

Thank goodness they were just cookies for us! It would have been awful to lose so many on an actual order – yikes!

It took us about four days to finish up our special cookies, but that’s good, right? We didn’t shovel them all in just one day!

"Leftover" Cookies.

Bite-Sized Cookies with sprinkles.

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