You know what’s sad? It’s heartbreakingly sad that exactly two months ago today Heather and her kiddos arrived here for a visit… but that they’re not still here even now. 🙁

It seems like it’s been a while, and then it also seems like it was just yesterday. Having her and the kids here was like waking up to warm, comfy hugs every day. It was home, you know? I really miss my Zippy.

On the topic of sad, it is disappointing that I also never, ever posted about Catherine’s birthday party cookies – ones that I made almost a month before they even arrived at my house! How I neglected to post them here, I really can’t say! So, without further adieu, here’s a cookie for your viewing pleasure:

Catherine's monkey cookies.
Catherine’s Monkey Girl cookies.

You see, Heather had sent me the link a couple months before of the party invitations and whatnot. Then, of course, she sent me an actual invitation (if only we could have attended! That was Catherine’s first birthday that we’d ever missed. *cries*). And then, a little bit before the party, Heather changed her mind and went with these decorations instead. Still, they were close enough to the original invitation that I kept up my first plan.

Cookie with original invitation.
Cookie against the original invitation.

Now, I’m probably biased, but I think the modifications made for a cuter cookie than even the original design! My cookies just look so… HAPPY!

These little girls were individually packaged and tucked into the goody bags at the party. I heard that everyone loved them!

Then, just a week or so later, someone who had seen these cute girly monkeys ordered a couple dozen monkey cookies for a baby shower. When she said it was for a boy, I knew that some things would need to change. I stuck with most of the same design, but the little boy monkeys turned out like this:

See, he’s wearing a cute little propeller hat. Isn’t that just adorable?! I love him just as much as the original girl monkey, I think.

With a coordinating Thank-You cookie.

These boy cookies traveled in a carry-on bag by plane to Washington. I can’t even begin to tell you how carefully I packed and packed them. From the recipient, I heard that everything made it in one piece, and that they were well-loved at the baby shower.

Now… I just need someone to have boy-girl twins. How cute would these be on a platter together?! *wink*

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2 comments on “Monkeys!

  1. Dawn Murphy on said:

    Hi Nicole, I was wondering if you could make and ship the girl monkey cookies? They are super cute and would love to have some for my daughters birthday party in August! And I was wondering how much you charge by the dozen? Thanks!

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