Pumpkins and footies.

This past Thursday was to be the second game of the season for Jack’s soccer team. In addition, it was also our family’s designated “snack night.” Any guesses to what I made?

Soccer balls! (Naturally.)

Soccer Ball cookies.

Soccer Ball cookies.

But there is a tale of tragedy and woe. You see, the gods of rain began havoc in the soccer fields beginning on Wednesday morning. They continued straight through until Thursday night. Yes, the night of the game.

By 2pm on Thursday, I had a blinking light on my machine to alert me of a message. The caller ID also proudly proclaimed that Jack’s coach had been the last one to call. I refused to listen to the message, telling all within earshot that, “if I don’t hear that the game is canceled, then it’s not. Then these cookies won’t have been made for no reason.” This mantra worked well for, oh say, an hour. Then, in a moment whilst I was across the room, Jack pressed the “play” button, and we heard Mrs. Jan (the assistant coach) say that the game was canceled.

But at least she said it sweetly. Truly, she delivers nasty news very nicely. (She’d also been to our house for dinner the night before, so she knew the fate of the cookies well.) I made a mental note, deciding to unfriend her on Facebook if she’s ever “Bad News Bear” again, though. *wink*

In a different spin, I made some fall-themed pumpkin cookies to usher in the season last week:

Fall Pumpkin cookies.

They’re so pretty, and I loved them. I gave all those away to my neighbor, though, and she took them into town.

Fall Pumpkin cookies.

I’ve got some more cookies I need to post about, but first I need to actually go bag them up and get them ready for shipping!

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