Cookies, playdates, and a surprise.

When I think of after-school, I think of PBS and after-school television. Which makes me think of the “Operatic Orange” and “Teeny Little Super Guy.”

It also makes me think of warm cookies. So, A.J.’s just arrived home from school, and I have the second of two fresh batches of chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven. Jack is bringing home two friends for a playdate as soon as his school lets out, and they’ll all have cookies and milk for snack. For now, A.J. has spied Jack’s library book, and he’s cozied up on the couch reading.

I volunteered at Jack’s school this morning. I took along a breakfast of pomegranate seeds and cheddar cheese while I worked. I laminated and cut 288″ worth of stuff, as well as made a few hundred copies. I collated a 15-page test, and I made 50 of them. It doesn’t sound like much when I write it out, but I was solidly busy the whole morning, and I was starving once it was time for lunch with “The Jack Pack.” We had a nice meal, and then I continued working on the tests for another hour. By the time I left the school, I’d been there for 4.5 hours!

Oh, and speaking of cookies, I have these I want to share:

Cookies for Paula's 50th birthday party.

Friday, October 1st, will be the 50th birthday of one of Philip’s distant cousins. His family is very close, however, and I was invited to the surprise birthday event (it was ladies only, I believe). Of course, I can’t be in Virginia easily (since I’m in North Dakota), but I wanted to send a little something. Her family doesn’t know what is coming, but I did contact her husband yesterday to tell him to watch out for a box, and to make sure that it is opened for the party. I thought this was a cute way to celebrate: she grew up near Route 50, it’s her 50th birthday, and I mailed 50 cookies in her box. Oh, and these are the cookies that I had no cutter for and was hand-cutting a few days ago!

So, what do you think? Will she be surprised? Will she like them? I can’t lie – I’m kinda nervous!

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One comment on “Cookies, playdates, and a surprise.

  1. Paula on said:

    I’m sure she loved them. The idea for the road signs is brilliant and so fitting for her.

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