The Christmas gift.

I didn’t finish posting all of my Christmas cookies from this year, so I’m going to back-track and get a few more posts up. I know, I know – everyone is ready to move on in the new year. I promise that I am, too!

But you love me enough to humor me, don’t you? *holds breath*

I should probably save these for last, but that’s just not the way organization works in my head. The reason I want to share these so badly is simple: they contain my favorite cookie of the season.

Reason for the Season.
The Reason for the Season.

CHRISTmas is about celebrating the birth of our Lord, and the idea for these sweet, simple cookies came to me in an afternoon nap. It was a divine sleep (ha! You see what I did there?!), and I’m sure it means that I am to nap each and every day. *wink*

I only made just a few of these delicate crosses for that very reason – they are delicate. They are large cookies, but the shape is very frail – too long and skinny for much handling. I didn’t make any of these for shipped holiday cookies, knowing they wouldn’t make the trip. Instead, I made these as part of a set that I gave to my doctor at my last appointment during the first week of December.

I was tickled to hear the nurses all exclaim over the beautiful crosses, despite the others in the basket. My message had been simple and sweet, but they “got” it all the same.

Sprinkle gift.

Christmas Collection for doctor's office.

Merry Christmas to you!

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