2010 Picture Highlights.

If I waited to put these in order – or to write stories – with each of these pictures, they would never be ready in the same timeframe as our holiday newsletter. In short, I will just put a small caption beneath each photo. Enjoy a glimpse of our 2010!

The big, family tree at night in the snow.

A.J. – 12, Jack – 9
Fall Portraits that I took in September.

Me, waving hello to my friends at the surprise birthday party they threw for my 31st birthday in November.

The cake from my party… and I didn’t make it myself!

Another portrait I took in the fall (same day, outfit change).

A.J., Jack, John, and Catherine.
In July, my best friend Heather came to visit with her kiddos for almost a week.

Jack with his best bud, Riley. They were a coordinating set of Mario & Luigi for Halloween this year.

Halloween 2010. Jack was ready for trick-or-treating, but A.J. had waited all season to be stay home for once and just hand out candy. He had a great time, and he was so sweet to all the little kids that came to our door!

The boys sit on the zebra couch in the “Zebra Room” in my Granny & Pawpaw’s house. All of my life, I’ve remembered this room this way, and my Granny handpainted the walls.

Jack went shooting with Dad and his friend one rainy day in the fall. He shot the heck out of his targets: a 3″ ring binder, and a can of Coke.

Jack poses with my parents, Pawpaw & Nana, at the State Capitol in Pierre, South Dakota.

A.J. walking hand-in-hand with John at the zoo. Sometimes a decade’s difference is the perfect span for great friends.

Jack and the tumbleweed. It was his “DREAM!” to see some tumbleweed while we were in Texas, and the living, still-rooted stuff was all we could find. He was still happy!

September 2010, at Papa’s Pumpkin Ranch.

A wooden Norse man, Pawpaw, Jack, and Nana together at the Scandinavian Heritage Museum.

A.J.’s fall portrait.

Jack’s fall portrait.

The boys with my Aunt Edith and sister Jacki in Borger, Texas. We returned to my grandparents’ home for their joint memorial this summer.

My sister Erica being goofy with Jack in the hotel.

Another fall portrait.

Jack with his Halloween jack-o’lantern.

A.J. plays some Ladderball with Uncle Kevin.

Jack plays with Pawpaw on the other side.

A.J. & Jack play with Annie’s kids Douglas & Olivia in Tennessee when we stopped for a short visit.

Jack on the playground equipment in July.

On the way to the memorial at the cemetery, Aunt Edith’s van (carrying the ashes, I should add) was too heavy with people and got stuck in a ditch. The entire family pushed and pushed, but finally we had to abandon the vehicle and load up in several other cars to get to Wheeler.

The Guynes family in Wheeler, Texas.

The boys pose next to the giant Dala Horse at the Scandinavian Heritage Museum.

Uncle Kevin shows the boys over the firetrucks in Prospect, Virginia.

The boys created their own Valentine boxes for school.

A.J. gets dunked by my Uncle James in a little creek in Virginia.

And of course, Jack’s going to get dunked, too!

A.J. competes as a finalist in the school’s Geography Bee.

Jack’s new bike, which he bought with his own birthday money in August.

A.J. holds a duck for banding on a field trip.

A duck flies into the sunrise.

A.J., Pawpaw, and Jack at the Texas International Motor Speedway.

The boys pose next to a painted car in the parking lot of the Speedway Club.

The boys say goodbye to my Grandpa Litchford in Virginia.

Jack playing spring soccer.

He scored the first goal of the first game of the season.

My mom wanted me to teach her how to make decorated sugar cookies. Funny, since she’s the one that taught me to bake!

A.J. prepares to march in his first parade.

Marching in the 7th-8th grade band.

This little fella came right up to the Land Rover while Kevin and Erica showed us around Kevin’s dad’s farm.

The boys with Erica and Kevin at their place in Pamplin, Virginia.

A.J. in a “little kids” corn maze.

An “outtake” from portraits. I’m pretty sure Jack ‘tooted’ just a split-second before, causing the laughter!

The 2010 family tree.

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