Gifties and more!

Well, I got all my cutters stored away and perfect… and then the mail came! I couldn’t believe it – two packages, and both contained cookie cutters for me!

Meri, thank you so much for the cute monkey cutter! I almost bought this exact shape a few months ago for the monkey cookies I needed to make, and I’ve continued eyeing it ever since. What a coincidence!

Next, we received a box of goodies from Philip’s parents – something special wrapped for each of us. I had two brand-new cutters, plus all of Grammy’s old cutters she doesn’t plan to use again. What a treat! There was one in particular that I just decided last night I needed, and I was planning to order online… and then it was in her old shapes!

Altogether, I received 14 special cookie cutters today, and I feel so incredibly blessed. I took pictures of my new pegged storage earlier, but now there’s even more pretties on it!

Cookie Pegboard.


Cookie cutters.
My cookies were stored in a plastic drawer bin. I couldn’t fit two new packages of cutters, two new individual cutters, and that clear box of Christmas cutters into the drawer.


Arranged by groups on my new pegboard in the dining room. It’s handy to the kitchen, and it’s so organized! There are 3-6 cutters on most pegs, following a certain theme.

Yes, I do have three different pumpkins. (I had six, but I’m giving away three in very similar sizes.)

But that’s nothing compared to my FIVE leaves!

Yes, it’s becoming a sickness. From just five little cutters to 123 cutters in just eight months!

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