Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies.

It wasn’t until after I had already made two batches of sugar cookie dough for Valentine’s cut-out cookies that I realized…

I didn’t have a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

In fact, I have very few cutters, really. Even the ones I had, I’d originally bought for jello jigglers and such – not for actual cookies. Soooo, I found an ice cream cone-shaped cutter (which had come as a tag on a dishtowel, believe it or not), and I went with that instead. I chose to tint my royal icing in two shades of pink and one purple, and I hoped that my recipients would still consider them a good substitute for Loventine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies.

That sprinkle-loaded one is a sugar-crash waiting to happen, but it’s okay because I “XOX” you.

My tribute to the internet: ILU

Simple, sweet hearts.

My pale pink icing really became too stiff for proper flooding, and I was kinda disappointed. Even so, I didn’t feel like taking it out of the pastry bag to thin it, so I kept on.

I love sprinkles, even in close-up.

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2 comments on “Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies.

  1. Mike @ on said:

    These are so cute! I really like the one with the sprinkles on top. You gave me some ideas with these. Thanks for sharing!

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