Holiday Cutters Giveaway!

I’m busy planning holiday cookie designs in my kitchen, and I’m ready to share the fun with one of you! I’m so excited to share these fantastic new holiday cutters… see?!

Holiday Cutters Giveaway!

One lucky reader will win all the cutters pictured. That’s seven different sets & 18 cutters altogether – WOW! Follow the instructions below to enter, and good luck! :-)

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Contest CLOSED! Congrats to JANINE SMITH, the winner! :-)

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120 comments on “Holiday Cutters Giveaway!

  1. Trinette chow on said:

    Making sugar cookies of course! ;)
    My friends and family always look forward to my edible gifts. :)

  2. Delorse Sword on said:

    Packaging up boxes of homemade cookies and other goodies for family and friends! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  3. Making cookies to take to my Godson’s football game! This may be my only entry, I can’t the others to work, even tthough I follow you on both Facebook & Instagram :(

  4. Julia Deren on said:

    Nice assortment of cutters! :)

  5. Sara B on said:

    Baking cookies is easily my favorite holiday baking tradition! I make over half a dozen different varieties! My kids help me decorate simple sugar cookies, too. Love the holidays!

  6. Mary Ann on said:

    I love the smells of holiday baking and the chill in the air but most importantly the smiles of family and friends that get special deliveries from me!

  7. Crystal Nelson on said:

    I Am just starting to get into making sugar cookies with royal icing and am having a blast! He best part is giving them away! Bring on the holidays!

  8. Melody on said:

    I love hot chocolate bars with adult ingredients. Nice to sit with a cup of hot chocolate and let each person fix theirs just the way they like it.

  9. I love making decorated sugar cookies … but even more, I love making and decorating cookies with my boys. :) Much messier and not as fancy, but so much fun! Thanks for doing this.

  10. Maureen Chapman on said:

    Making and baking many things for gifts. This year I am baking real fruitcakes with a long history to them!

  11. Samantha on said:

    Making pies. I’ve made them for thanksgiving and Christmas every year since I was little!

  12. Making lots if cookies of course!! :)

  13. Making a gingerbread house with my babies is my fav thing to do at Christmas!

  14. Billie Duncan on said:

    If I win can I keep for myself??? Lol I could use them.Thanks, Billie

  15. Amanda F. on said:

    Every year for Christmas, I make “Candy Canes” which is dough filled with a cranberry/nut/honey mixture and then cut in strips and twisted into the shape of a candy cane…lot of work but so worth it. They never last very long

  16. Teresa on said:

    I love making pumpkin pie during the holidays :) maybe I should do that all year long :)

  17. melody on said:

    I like to have a hot chocolate bar set up in my kitchen with all kinds of drink accessories. It’s fun to chat about the “best way” to soup up the hot chocolate.

  18. Shabree on said:

    I love baking anything!!!!

  19. Carolyn on said:

    PERFECT for my favorite time of year!

  20. Kim Jemmott on said:

    I actually haven’t done any Holiday baking yet. :-( …But winning these lovely cookie cutters would be a great way to start! :-)

  21. Rachel F on said:

    I love the cookie baking with my mom sister and grandma lots of yummy cookies baked

  22. Making cookies and candies and giving them to wonderful friends and family. Let the Christmas creating begin =)

  23. Victoria on said:

    Sugar cookies :) )))))))

  24. My mom, grandma, and I used to get together on a Saturday before Christmas and bake cookies until we couldn’t see straight anymore :)

  25. Daniela C. on said:


  26. making and decorating cookies for family and friends!

  27. Every year we make roll out sugar cookies and cut them out. I’ve got about 12 different colors of sanding sugar and we decorate them all. It’s one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season!

  28. Jessica ricevuto on said:

    Love these !!!!

  29. Charlene on said:

    Making decorated cookies with my other half for family and friends to enjoy.

  30. I love baking and decorating cut outs to share with my family.

  31. Dee Dee on said:

    I love giveaways, and you can never have too many cutters!

  32. Allison M. on said:

    I love baking cookies for cookie exchanges as well as cookies and breads to take to family, friends, and neighbors.

  33. Kim (Barefoot n Baking) on said:

    My favorite tradition is making fudge and quick breads with mom.

  34. Lorraine on said:

    My favorite holiday baking tradition – gingerbread men / women snowflakes, etc. Love it.

  35. I think my new fav is going to deliver cookies with Santa :)

  36. Christine on said:

    Why,baking cookies,of course!

  37. Not far away

  38. Making Icelandic Vinerterta………….delicious

  39. Ronee Kramer on said:

    Making sugar cookies and gingerbread houses with my hubby and kids :)

  40. ya love to win cookie cutters

  41. Natasha on said:

    I love making cookies and candies as a homemade gift that everyone loves!

  42. Rachael on said:

    Love your work!!

  43. Iisha B on said:

    Stockings filled with nuts and fruit.

  44. kaitlyn on said:

    Making fudge and Christmas cookies!

  45. Jill FCS on said:

    Love to support a sista!

  46. Wow! So many great cookie cutters. I hope I win.

  47. Anne@Have a Cookie! on said:

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  48. Lindsey S on said:

    I love eating the baked goods with family!

  49. Amanda on said:

    A baking tradition has got to be making homemade fudge each year!

  50. Raysa Sanchez on said:

    Pulling out the matching christmas aprons for the kiddos and me! and looking at the excitement on there faces.

  51. Baking all the family favorites and shipping them for Christmas!

  52. Susan Theriot on said:

    Every year I love baking sweets for everyone’s gift box.

  53. Melissa on said:

    I HAVE to make my grandma’s recipe for sugar cookies every year. Otherwise, I think my family would disown me :P

  54. Cindy C on said:

    My favorite holiday backing tradition is cookies, of course! My absolute favorite are Mexican Wedding cookies… my family adds rolled oats to the traditional recipe for extra flavor and texture!

  55. Erica Parker on said:

    Making christmas cookies with my nieces and nephew, and now that I have two of my own now, it’ll be even more special!

  56. I love the baking but my favorite is the look on my friends faces when they start in on the cookies and candies.

  57. Regina Ryan on said:

    Baking cookies

  58. Nicole B on said:

    Every Christmas since I was a kid, we always make Pavitsa (Yugoslavian Bread as my Dad called it). It feeds a ton and is so yummy, preferably served with a cold glass of chocolate milk! But, my second favorite is now making decorative cookies. Thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed! :)

  59. Joanna on said:

    So looking forward to making Christmas cookies this year!

  60. Mandy E on said:

    Excited for Christmas cookies already!!!

  61. The Cookie Alchemist on said:

    My favorite tradition is putting birds nests I’ve collected (from fallen nests) into my family’s Christmas tree along with folded origami cranes.

  62. Mary W. on said:

    Baking – kids love to make peanutbutter blossoms. I love homemade Apple Pie!

  63. Ashley Anderson on said:

    I’ve started to bake a set of cookies based on a Christmas movie each Christmas. Last year was National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

  64. Racheal on said:

    Baking and decorating Christmas cookies, of course! :)

  65. Sibylle on said:

    I love baking all kinds of cookies and fruit cakes for Christmas

  66. Amber V on said:

    I don’t really have a baking tradition, but I enjoy doing cookie exchange parties.

  67. Janine Smith on said:

    I love to wait until the tree is up and decorated before I wrap one present.

  68. Martha on said:

    My favorite tradition we have in our family is all of us getting together on Christmas morning to eat tamales and see the kids open up gifts from Santa. Since we are Hispanic we celebrate on Christmas Eve and Christmas day is what we call “la recalentada”

  69. My favorite holiday baking tradition is the cookies that my family always makes. Lots of family recipes that have been passed along.

  70. paintedcookie on said:

    The boys love to make rolo candy cookies to eat while decorating the tree.

  71. Deena Harless on said:

    I’m all about doing cookie trades with other military wives on base & of course baking cupcakes for the holiday season.

  72. Lindsay on said:

    My favorite tradition is letting my family pick their favorite desserts and I make them for our dinner. The last couple of years have been carrot cake, coconut cake, and pumpkin rolls. ^_^

  73. All the different cookies my Aunt used to make at Christmas time, it was like a bakery at her house.

  74. Baking with my son…not just for holidays, but everyday as well. :)

  75. Yvonne Jacobs on said:

    Love your work! You have amazing talent!

  76. Angelique Femat on said:

    Would LOVE these cutters! Thank you for the generosity :)

  77. Even before I became a “cookier” my favorite holiday tradition was decorating cookies with my son.

  78. Ashley Nelson on said:

    Such a great set! You’re awesome!

  79. We always plan a night for the whole family to get together and make sugar cookies. Been doing it for years.

  80. Decorating cookies!

  81. I love making personalized gingerbread houses.

  82. Baking all kinds of holiday treats with my daughters

  83. It is killing me seeing these cutters knowing they won’t be available here in Canada! Fingers crossed that I’m wrong or that I win! ;)

  84. Awesome giveaway! I just started getting addicted to cookie decorating and this would be so awesome :D

    • Oh and my favourite holiday tradition is our Christmas Eve PJ stocking opening with the kids! I make them a Christmas Movie Night box, with jammies, popcorn, pj’s and a small stuffed animal … love seeing them get so excited about it!

  85. Love these!

  86. My favorite holiday tradition is cooking a big meal for my friends and family and making some new cookie designs for dessert

  87. Sue Brand on said:

    I love to bake cookies and my grandmother’s coffee cake

  88. Heather on said:

    I host a cookie exchange every year, which is a fun start to all the holiday baking!

  89. chellie walkington on said:

    awesome cutters and such a generous giveaway not seen this before look super cute but UK us always last to catch up good luck everyone

  90. VALERE on said:

    I love making Molasses and decorated sugar cookies for Christmas. Yum and I love to give them away. :) Good luck everybody!

  91. I love making pies! Then there’s date bars and buttermilk fudge!

  92. Clarisse on said:

    Baking all different kinds of cookies.

  93. Donna Smith on said:

    Thanks for the giveaway, my sister and I make dozens of decorated sugar cookies every year, we are kind of famous in our small town, would love these cutters for new shapes this year.

  94. Lonna G. on said:

    I love baking cookies at Christmas time.

  95. Debbie on said:

    I have 7 sisters and I love to outbake or outcook them.

  96. Alisha Ratliff on said:

    I always loved my mom’s peanut butter fudge, my grandma’s rolls and opening one gift on Christmas Eve!

  97. Cindy Semrau on said:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking & decorating cookies with my nieces and nephews. It’s funny how parents don’t want that mess in their own house when it only takes a few minutes if they all help!

  98. Amanda L on said:

    My favorite traditions? All the girls in my family get together to bake a TON. We then give all the baked goods out to family and friends. On Christmas we put out cookies and milk for Santa (Ages: 22, 20, 16, and 10 and EVERYONE participates). We write a letter to Santa (usually sentimental and turns into a sob fest). Sprinkle oatmeal and glitter on the lawn so the reindeers can find our home. Open up one present from under the tree. Put on our NEW matching pajamas, and then read Twas The Night Before Christmas. My mom starts and then each of us reads the story from oldest to youngest. Then we wake up and Santa comes! I love that the traditions continue even though we are all older. Every other year my little sister is at her moms for Christmas Eve and the older kids (16, 20, and 22) still do ALL the traditions. You’re never too old to believe.

  99. Merrilee Frazier on said:

    I make cookies and candies for family and friends for Christmas.

  100. Roasting chestnuts. No it’s not related to cookies or baking but it is my favorite.

  101. Becky Merritt on said:

    can never have too many cookie cutters! What a fun giveaway!! My favorite tradition is making cookies with my kids as gifts for our family.

  102. Kim Hunter on said:

    Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite holiday baking tradition is making my grandmother’s Slovak cookies.

  103. Making sugar cookies with my kids like I did with my mom. We then make baskets for friends and family.

  104. A cookie exchange each year- LOVE it!!

  105. My family’s main gift to friends and family are the baked goods that I make – we started this 15 years ago! These cookie cutters would be a fun addition to my collection.

  106. Making cookies for my husband that his mother use to make him.

  107. Laurel on said:

    I collect cookie cutters and would LOVE to win these!

  108. Michele on said:

    My favorite traditions is baking cookies and decorating them, and then give them to friends and family for the holidays.

  109. sharron seamon on said:

    Christmas cookie traditional bake and decorate with the Grand babies, sisters, great nieces and nephews would get a fantastic boost with these cookie cutters…we would love to win them…thanks for sharing!

  110. Baking gifts for friends & family!

  111. I started decorating sugar cookies for Santa with my daughter. We also make gingerbread houses every yr.

  112. Melody James (Sweet Ivy Confections) on said:

    My mom hosts cookie baking with all of the kids/grandkids. It’s a fun day!m

  113. My two sisters, mom and I all get the BHG Christmas Cookies magazine every year and each pick a new cookie to make. We all have our specific standards that we make every year, and then add at least one new one. Between all four of us, there are at least 14 different types of Christmas cookies/treats. We all pretty much bake while watching Christmas movies, and wouldn’t have it any other way ;)

  114. Kymberly on said:

    making Buckeyes with my grandma.

  115. I love to bake a big variety of cookies for my friends. They love them. Ty

  116. I want that polar bear, penguin l and snow globe.

  117. Christy M B on said:

    Making ginger bread houses with my kids.

  118. kathy pilato on said:

    what a great giveaway!

  119. I love to bake and always give as gifts and many people ask for refills on the holidays. I even bake for professionals who have helped us when we needed help and where I volunteer. I always ask people that I continually make for to let me know what they like and don’t like .

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