Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

Sometimes, a customer just comes to you with some simple ideas & colors, and you get to choose exactly how you’re going to execute the theme into cookies.

And then it turns out DARLING!

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

Ashley wanted some cookies for her brand-new nephew who was born a bit early. Since his mama didn’t have time for a baby shower before his birth, Ashley helped to throw a special “Meet & Greet” for the little man. She just wanted a few things represented, as follows:

  • muted yellow & dark gray
  • bow ties
  • babies wearing a bow tie
  • baby’s name & birthdate
  • “welcome little man”
  • a bit of “circus font”>

All the rest was up to me! 😀

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

I had an idea for little bald baby head wearing a bow tie… but I didn’t have a cutter for it! And because I wanted to make 16 of them, I really didn’t want to hand-cut the shape, either. So, I took a few moments to look at my cutter stash, and I came up with 3 cutters that I decided would work to “make” the shape I wanted. See?

Baby face cutters

And together, they make the cutest baby! 😀

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

If you need a visual for how I pieced them together, here’s a quick drawing I traced out for you, using the cutters again:

Sketching the baby face

I made a few plaque shapes for baby Levi’s name & birthdate, as well as the requested “welcome little man” message cookies. I made 16 large bow ties (each one different!), and it all came together really nicely.

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

And if you are curious about the fonts, I used the following:

  • “welcome little man” – Arial (usually installed in Windows)
  • “LEVI” – Carnivalee Freakshow

Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

And that’s it! Happy baby-making! 😉

(P.S. – Yes, I snickered after typing that. I’m really just 12, you know!)

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8 comments on “Baby Boys & Bow Ties.

  1. Allison LeBlanc on said:

    Thanks for showing the baby face! I was thinking it was from a baby monkey cutter! Adorable,!

    • Ha, I actually *did* try holding up the monkey face first. I even considered bending my monkey for a bit, and then I looked to see if I had something I could use without warping. 😉

  2. Sweetsugarbelle on said:

    These are perfect!!!

  3. So cute and the colour scheme is wonderful.

  4. These are absolutely adorable!!! How do you write on the cookie so perfectly???

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