Now, Sea Here!

Oh, I crack myself up! Can you hear an older man sternly saying that title in your head like I can? Can you actually HEAR it?!

“Now, see here!” (Yes, I’m really giggling over here at the puns!) 😀

Seahorse & Seashell cookies.

A couple days ago, my sweet friend Patricia asked me if I could make some last-minute cookies for a special dinner she held two nights ago. I said, “Sure!” right away, not even knowing for certain what design she might need! (A rookie error, by the way. Please be smarter than me!) But she sent me a photo of some invitations she was creating from Pinterest, and I had enough to go on for some simple, elegant seahorse & seashell cookies.

Sea?! 😉

Seahorse & Seashell cookies.

The seahorse cookie cutter is a ginormous one that I’d never gotten to use before (it’s about 7″ tall). I found mine in a clearance bin at Macy’s last fall (really!), but you can also purchase one HERE online. I think mine must’ve already been squished a bit before I saw it, as my seahorse isn’t quite so chubby; rather, he’s a bit leaner, or possibly, not as pregnant?! 😉

To decorate the cookies, I took inspiration from the gorgeous seahorses over on Sweet SugarBelle, tweaking them a tiny bit only to reflect the different cutter used, as well as the invitation that Patricia had sent me. They were quickly done, and I think I finished 20 cookies in less than 2 hours – amazing! And let me tell you, folks… THAT is the kind of “last-minute” order you really want! ♥

Seahorse & Seashell cookies.

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4 comments on “Now, Sea Here!

  1. Debbie Rose on said:

    I LOVE the seahorses and seashell cookies. Wish I could make these. You’re very talented.

  2. Peggy O'Neill on said:

    I’m wondering if you take orders for your cookies? I would really love a dozen of your seahorse and seashell cookies and a dozen of dog and cat themed cookies.

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