Dad, You Are Fan-tache-tic!

I know, I know… it’s way too late for these Father’s Day cookies. Believe me, I really do know! However, a certain well-meaning true friend of mine is always bullying encouraging me to update my blog more, and this time, she struck me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

Father's Day cookies.

You see, while decorating cookies at night, I’m usually all alone. And to keep myself company, I watch shows on Netflix. Recently, I began watching the entire series of “Family Ties” (yes, circa 1982, but I was only 3 years old then!), which I’d never seen before. It is SO GOOD! Seriously, I thought it might be cheesy to watch now, but it’s just not – not at all. Aaaaand, I can imagine that if I had only been in middle school or high school in the early 80’s, I might’ve had a serious crush on a certain Alex P. Keaton, too! 😉

Father's Day cookies.

So back to that deal, right? You see, “Family Ties” has made me both laugh & cry so much in the recent weeks, and I’ve been sharing these moments with my friend. She doesn’t remember the episodes very well, so I’ve been encouraging her to re-watch the series with me on Netflix. And she agreed! Here’s the catch: she’ll watch two episodes for every one new blog post I write!

Father's Day cookies.

So, although I could or should probably start with my latest work, I’ve got the Keaton family on the brain now, and the only correct choice for me was to feature these funny Father’s Day cookies I made & taught in one of my “Batch Basics” cookie class in June. Mustaches & ties… get it?! 😀

Father's Day cookies.

And if you know me well at all, you know I love puns. I think the gals at my class really enjoyed this sweet message as well, and I hope you enjoyed seeing these cookies, even if several weeks late. Now if only Netflix would add “Growing Pains” to their streaming queue… 😉

Father's Day cookies.

P.S. – Time to tune in, C! 😉

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