Semper Fi! (said with cookies)

Last year, my friend Nicole contacted me with a special request. Her oldest baby was set to join the United States Marines, and she needed cookies for his send-off party. We met as Air Force wives, and although it was the “wrong” branch of service, I was happy to oblige. I was also obligated to shed just a few tears with my friend in the process, too. πŸ˜‰

Marines Cookie Assortment.

Now, this post is looooooong overdue, because Jacob has now been a fully-fledged Marine for over 9 months!

Marines Cookie Assortment.

Marines logo cookie.

And these little uniformed dudes are my favorite cookies of the whole bunch! Seriously, sugared icing makes a Marine uniform go from sexy to adorable instantly! πŸ™‚

Marines cookie.

And of course, the famous (but not easy!) Marines logo:

Marine Corps Logo cookie.

And then a much easier take on the Marines, to offset the difficulty of the previous cookie:

USMC cookie.

And then just a few golden eagles & personalized dog tags to round out the rest of the cookie assortment, too.

Marines Cookie Assortment.

And I know that Nicole is SO PROUD of her handsome & courageous young Marine, and I wish Jacob the very best in his military career. SEMPER FI! β™₯

Marines Cookie Assortment.

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66 comments on “Semper Fi! (said with cookies)

  1. Congratulations to Jacob! I’m wondering if his Mom Carol cried when she saw these cookies you made for his graduation. I know I would have, they are stunning!

  2. Eleanor on said:

    These are amazing! Would you mind sharing where you found the dog tag and marine/person cookie cutter?


  3. my son will be graduating from high school in june and then leaving for boot 8 days later. so I am having an open house/going away party for him. these cookies would be awesome. could you please send me info on ordering them? thank you

  4. Luz Bedoya on said:

    Hello, my son will be graduating marine boot camp this Oct 9th 2015 and I’m having a party. I’m interested in the marine corps cookies. I would like to have at least two dozen. How much will it be and will you be able to ship it to Easton,Pa

  5. Stefanie on said:

    Wow these are amazing! My boyfriend is a disabled Vet of the USMC and his birthday is NEXT weekend, not sure if that’s too short of a notice but I would love to get a Dozen of these!! We’re located in NJ, would love to know how much it would be :))

  6. How can I place an order??

  7. Pamela Bielss on said:

    I absolutely love these!! I’d definitely love to get these for my boyfriend in the Marine Corps, I just need to know prices & if you’d be able to ship to Grapevine, Texas. Thank you!!

  8. Neida Rivera on said:

    Interested in the marine corps cookies

  9. These cookies are truly amazing! My cousin in retiring from USMC after 25 years of service in late April 2016 and I would like to order this for his retirement ceremony/party. I am in Los Angeles, Ca. I would love to know what are your ordering details. Thank you.

  10. Joanie Menzel on said:

    Hi- would love to order cookies for my sons graduation in March. Is there a website with choices and prices?

  11. Traci Slade on said:

    Can you send me pricing on these? Would ship to Wisconsin
    Thank you

    • Nicole on said:

      Just send me an email with as many event details as you have. If you include your mailing address in the email inquiry, I can give you a good quote with shipping costs included. Thanks!

  12. Mindi on said:

    I sent an email in regards to an order request.

  13. Denise Yeich on said:

    My baby is in boot right now. These would be fun to bring with us when we go for his graduation. Are you still making these? Could you send me info please? I wouldn’t even ask you to do the hard ones either. πŸ˜‰

  14. Kate Kelly on said:

    My son graduates boot camp in October. I’D love to order these cookies. Can you let me know if they are still available ? Thanks !

  15. Cecilia Daly on said:

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m having a welcome home party for my son, (Marine). Do you ship to California, how much do you charge for the Marine cookies?

  16. I really want to order the marine logo for my boyfriends graduation. Can you email me the information??

    • Nicole on said:

      Mikayla, I’m so sorry for the delay! I so very rarely have time to update my blog/website anymore, and I do not see comments until I go to make a change over here. Please always be sure to send an email for any order requests –

      If you can send a NEW email with the date (or approximate!) of your event in the subject line, I can be sure to sort your inquiry into the correct month, too.


  17. My son is graduating next week and we would love to know how much for the Marine cookies.
    Thank you!

    • Nicole on said:

      Deanna, if you can send a NEW email with the date (or approximate!) of your event in the subject line, I can be sure to get you worked into the schedule!

      Thanks for thinking of my cookies! πŸ™‚

  18. Diane on said:

    My son will be graduating from Parris Island in June and I am interested in your cookies.

  19. Lakeisha Mcbride on said:

    My son going away party is in June would love to ordee some of these cookies

  20. Sandy Jefferson on said:

    Would love to order

  21. Emma on said:

    Send off party is in June and would love to order these cookies. Could you please send me the details? Thank you!

  22. Dawn on said:

    Could you please send me a price list for your cookies? My nephews are entering the Marines- one leaves for boot camp mid June and the other in Sept.
    Thank you

  23. Wendy on said:

    These are AMAZING!! My son leaves for boot camp in less than 2 weeks…I wish that I had seen this sooner! I would have definitely ordered for his party this weekend! You are very talented!

  24. Michele on said:

    You are so talented! These are exactly what I was looking for my sons USMC Boot Camp graduation party. Can you tell me what the cost would be for 2 dozen of these darling cookies sent to California?

    • Nicole on said:

      Michela, I tried to send you an email to the address used to leave this comment, but it was returned as undeliverable. I do hope you come back & see this reply! Be sure to respond in a new EMAIL to me, as comments here on the blog/website are unreliable.

      The USMC assortment of cookies is $48/dozen ($4/each). This assortment includes a variety of unique and fun designs, as well as some that can also be personalized (skin tone for uniformed soldier, name or phrase for dog tags, a special message cookie, if desired). Once you let me know the total quantity needed, I create a fun spread of the designs across that number of cookies. I would need the following information to start:

      Skin tone –
      Name or phrase –
      Special Message (optional, if desired) –

      Shipping is additional, based on the mailing location. If you will send along your mailing address, I’ll be happy to give you a complete quote.

      Lastly, I will need to know the specific date you will need cookies to arrive, too.

      Thanks for thinking of my cookies! Please let me know if you have any further questions. πŸ™‚

  25. lori roeder on said:

    I would love to order 2 dozen of these cookies for my sons graduation party I live in Michigan can you please email me what they would cost please thank you

  26. Cindy on said:

    My son is graduating from boot camp June 1st and we’re throwing him a birthday/graduation party and I think these cookies would be perfect! How can I order some and what’s the cost?

  27. MARTINA RODRIGUEZ on said:

    Hi, I would like to order some cookies for my brothers farewell surprise party.

  28. Hi. I would like to order marine cookies for my sons going away party.

  29. Laura Herrera on said:

    These are amazing! I am interested in the Semper Fidelis cookies for my step-daughter’s boot camp graduation party. Thank you!

  30. tammy young on said:

    this cookies look awesome how much are they and do you ship

  31. Lisa Hawkins on said:


    I have a son graduating from Marine boot camp (PARRIS island, SC). Could you send me info about ordering your cookies? I’m thinking of getting some Marine cookies and then the flag cookies.

    • Nicole on said:

      Please do send me an email, as it appears yours is not attached here for me to send one to you. Here is mine:

  32. Rebecca on said:

    Oh my goodness!!! These are amazing! You are a very talented woman!!! I so need these for my husband’s retirement!! Can I order?

  33. Ashleigh on said:


    My husband is a Marine and will Graduating from Auburn University in May. I am interested in possibly ordering some of theses cookies. Do you ship? and Can I pick and choose form you Marine assortment which ones I want and don’t want.

    Thank you in advance for you help and time,

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