Semper Fi! (said with cookies)

Last year, my friend Nicole contacted me with a special request. Her oldest baby was set to join the United States Marines, and she needed cookies for his send-off party. We met as Air Force wives, and although it was the “wrong” branch of service, I was happy to oblige. I was also obligated to shed just a few tears with my friend in the process, too. ;-)

Marines Cookie Assortment.

Now, this post is looooooong overdue, because Jacob has now been a fully-fledged Marine for over 9 months!

Marines Cookie Assortment.

Marines logo cookie.

And these little uniformed dudes are my favorite cookies of the whole bunch! Seriously, sugared icing makes a Marine uniform go from sexy to adorable instantly! :-)

Marines cookie.

And of course, the famous (but not easy!) Marines logo:

Marine Corps Logo cookie.

And then a much easier take on the Marines, to offset the difficulty of the previous cookie:

USMC cookie.

And then just a few golden eagles & personalized dog tags to round out the rest of the cookie assortment, too.

Marines Cookie Assortment.

And I know that Nicole is SO PROUD of her handsome & courageous young Marine, and I wish Jacob the very best in his military career. SEMPER FI! ♥

Marines Cookie Assortment.

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8 comments on “Semper Fi! (said with cookies)

  1. Congratulations to Jacob! I’m wondering if his Mom Carol cried when she saw these cookies you made for his graduation. I know I would have, they are stunning!

  2. Eleanor on said:

    These are amazing! Would you mind sharing where you found the dog tag and marine/person cookie cutter?


  3. Virginia on said:

    I am interested in the marine cookies. Can you please tell me what a dozen would cost? I would more than likely want 4-5 dozen. These would be for a wedding in June. Do you ship and can you ship them without individually packaging them so they are easier to place on a platter. Also, where are you located?

  4. my son will be graduating from high school in june and then leaving for boot 8 days later. so I am having an open house/going away party for him. these cookies would be awesome. could you please send me info on ordering them? thank you

  5. Luz Bedoya on said:

    Hello, my son will be graduating marine boot camp this Oct 9th 2015 and I’m having a party. I’m interested in the marine corps cookies. I would like to have at least two dozen. How much will it be and will you be able to ship it to Easton,Pa

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