Go Auburn!

My dear friend Lesley has the sweetest family ever! Truly, her mama comes into town, and they treat my own family as if we’ve grown up together all along (when in reality, we’ve only known each other just one year!) Nothing is quite so welcoming & heartwarming as those friends that you’ve always known in your heart. ♥

So when Lesley’s mama (she has a name, too – it’s Carol!) needed some cookies for her brother & sister, I knew they had to be perfect. And with the big BSC Championship Game coming up, it was time to pull out the War Eagle pride & go crazy! 🙂

Auburn Cookies.

Now, I must admit to being just a little bit confused… are they Tigers, or War Eagles? After a bit of research I found this official statement:
“We are the Tigers who say ‘War Eagle!'” 😉

Auburn Cookies.

Auburn Cookies.

Auburn Cookies.

Go Aubie!

Auburn Cookies.

Auburn Cookies.

And boy, was that a close game between Auburn & Florida State! All the way up to 9 seconds left, I wasn’t sure which team was going to pull it out! I’m glad that Auburn had an amazing season, and that Carol’s brother & sister had the cookies to enjoy during the game. Hopefully, the sweetness helped against the last-second loss. 😉

Auburn Cookies.

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6 comments on “Go Auburn!

  1. Lesley and Carol sound like wonderful people. You wanted to make them perfect cookies and you certainly did not disappoint!

  2. Rhonda on said:

    I’m looking for Texas A&M cookies that I found on Pinterest I believe designed by your company. I wanted to order some for my daughters graduation party from high school. I would love some of the cookies to be here high school colors and mascot then some for A&M where she will be going in the fall.
    Please let me know how to orders these.

    Thank you,

  3. Really nice work with your Auburn cookies! Would you mind telling me how your got that deep orange color? I am trying my hand at cookie decorating and I am looking for Syracuse orange…..This looks like it will fit the bill –Thanks so much for any information you can provide!

    • Hi Sue! That is just straight Orange gel from Americolor. I am always amazed, however, at how much you have to add to get past a “peach” color, ha! 😉

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