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Come! We’ve made you a path to our house!

Come, we made you a path!

I bought that little house from a Figi’s Gifts catalog back in the day (wow, anyone else remember Figi’s Gifts?), and I love-love-love it. Quite possibly, it was the first real “personalized” thing I ever ordered, and I thought it was the bee’s knees upon receiving it. That’s my “all-the-time” house in the picture, but I loved it so much that I ordered a “holiday” house the next year or so (seen in the background in this post). I usually keep mint M&M’s® in the holiday version, but this one is typically – surprisingly, too – completely empty. It sits above my desk and is adorable.

But Jack made a special dessert, and his little Shortbread Meltaways were just the perfect size for a stepping-stones path to my little house, and I couldn’t resist. Besides, you know you love me for just this exact kind of silliness. *wink*

This is a very easy recipe. Jack mixed it up with no trouble at all, but he petered out on measuring out so many tiny spoonfuls of dough, so I finished up the baking. When you put these super-light cookies into your mouth, they literally *melt* between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. HEAVEN!

Shortbread Meltaways.

And these tasty little cookies were the light complement to our spicier meal:

Buffalo Wontons and Sesame Limas.
Buffalo Wontons, Sesame Limas, and carrots.

The wontons were simple, yet nothing short of amazing. We ALL raved over them, and then we all fought over the leftovers for the next day or so. They were spicy during the first run, but I didn’t even need a drink as I ate them cold straight-from-the-fridge the next day.

I found the recipe for the wontons while searching snacks for Super Bowl weekend, and I hung onto it for a bit before finally making them. The recipe is HERE on AllRecipes.com, if you’re interested.

Uncooked wontons.
Filled, uncooked wontons.

Filling inside.
A crispy bite, showing the filling inside.

I once had some Buffalo Chicken Wontons at Ruby Tuesday®, but they were large – the size of my hand, easily. They were the same soaked chicken, but with melted cheddar inside, and it was stuffed to overflowing (when you cut into them, filling burst onto the plate). We will definitely be making these again (and again and again), but I’ll also try making them with some shredded cheddar in place of the cream cheese, too. Screw you, Ruby Tuesday, for discontinuing my favorite dish!

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