Let me tell you a little story. (Bear with me if you’ve perhaps heard it before. Stay for the cookies!)

There was this boy, see?

Harry Potter Potterpuff Cookie.

His name was Harry Potter.

And one day, a half-giant came to tell him he was really a wizard! He bought him a sweet little owl, too. 🙂

Hagrid, Hedwig & Harry Potterpuff Cookies.

So then he headed off to a wizard school which was founded a long time ago by four amazing wizards & witches.

Hogwarts Founders Potterpuff Cookies.

He needed to learn more about his magic & powers to try to beat the evil wizard who killed his parents and tried to even kill him!

Voldemort & Dark Mark Potterpuff Cookies.

He had a bunch of teachers, but four teachers were the Heads of all the different Houses at the school.

Hogwarts Heads-of-House Cookies.

And the school was run by a wise old teacher with a firey phoenix. ♥

Dumbledore & Fawkes Potterpuff Cookies.

And Harry was Sorted into Gryffindor House, where he had classmates with runaway pet frogs. 🙂

Neville Potterpuff Cookie.

But despite the nice classmates, Harry found himself with enemies, too – specifically from Slytherin House.

Crabbe, Draco Malfoy & Goyle Potterpuff Cookies.

It wasn’t really their fault, of course. They were raised by prejudiced, evil Slytherin parents, too. :-/

Narcissa & Lucius Malfoy Potterpuff Cookies.

And those parents plotted to take down the Muggleborn (that means “from non-magical parents”) students in the school. They released the Dark Lord’s evil snake-y thing & killed students. (Oh no!)

Moaning Myrtle & Voldemort Potterpuff Cookies.

And then later, they also tried to get Hagrid & his lovable hippogriff removed from the school & killed. 🙁

Hagrid & Buckbeak Potterpuff Cookies.

But two of the older students showed him how to misbehave a special map that would allow him to outsmart the evil baddies & save Buckbeak (the hippogriff).

Fred & George Wesley Potterpuff Cookies.

And can you believe it? That special map was actually made by Harry’s own father & his friends, way back when they were in wizard school!

The Marauders & Snape Potterpuff Cookies.

That poor young boy they were torturing grew up to be a sullen, angry teacher. (“Always.”)

Severus Snape Potterpuff Cookie.

Oh, and while Harry was in school, he played a neat sport called Quidditch. The girl he was crushing on was really good at Quidditch, too.

Ginny Weasley Potterpuff Cookie.

A kind, ditzy girl once refereed a Quidditch game, much to the chagrin of Professor McG.

Luna Lovegood & Prof. McGonagall Potterpuff Cookies.

And remember Harry’s enemy? Yeah, he got really mad during most Quidditch games.

Draco Malfoy Potterpuff Cookie.

But a crazy Professor put him in his place real quick. 😉

Mad-Eye Moody & Ferret Draco Potterpuff Cookies.

And there’s a whole heckuva LOT more story, but I don’t want to spoil much more. It’s just so fun to read about Harry & his best friends. ♥

The Trio - Harry, Hermione & Ron Potterpuff Cookies.

And cue John Williams’ “Hedwig’s Theme”…

Hedwig Potterpuff Cookie.

But here’s the really exciting part! These cookies were made to celebrate the very first International Harry Potter Day, and also to raise money for a cause that’s very close to me. You see, my sweet, sweet friend Erin has been raising money for a cause that his VERY dear to her own heart: epilepsy. Her own sweet Tommy is 2 years old & suffers from epileptic seizures. She & her friends have been raising money for the Greater Chicago Epilepsy Foundation 5K Walk/Run this weekend, and I wanted to help. I’m donating these cookies in nine different sets for auction, and you could bid to support “Tommy’s Team!” All donations will go straight to his cause, and you can even chip in directly on his page if you’re not interested in cute HP cookies.

Potterpuff Cookies.

Here’s a list of the separate auctions we’re running. (You’ll need to click on the photo to be taken to the separate auction page for all details.) Please pick a set of HP characters you love & bid to support little Tommy! And if you can’t bid, please share this post with all your friends! THANK YOU! ♥

Hogwarts Founders Cookies. – Hogwarts Founders Set

Marauders Cookies. – Marauders Set

Hogwarts Head-of-House Cookies. – Heads-of-Houses Set

Death Eater Cookies. – Death Eaters Set

Hogwarts Students Cookies. – Hogwarts Students Set

Dumbledore's Army Cookies. – Dumbledore’s Army Set

Slytherin Students Cookies. – Slytherin Set

The Trio Cookies. – The Trio Set

Hogwarts Extras Cookies. – Hogwarts Extras Set

By the way, if you are like me & think that “Potterpuffs” are just the CUTEST drawings you’ve ever seen, please go over & check out all of Naomi’s work over at PotterPuffs Central. She no longer draws these characters, but there is a vast collection of her past commissions, and they are all adorable! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help spreading the word. These cookies need to go to good homes!

Potterpuff Cookies.

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10 comments on “Potterpuffs!

  1. Debbie on said:

    So cute!

  2. Karen @ Trilogy Edibles on said:

    OMG these are amazing, just amazing!

  3. Oh my god! this is more than perfect <3 <3 <3 <3 I LOVE it *-* great job!!

  4. Lilaloa on said:

    I STILL can’t believe you made every stinking one of these and that every stinking one of these is completely perfect in every way!!

  5. Lizy b on said:

    Love, love, love these. Upside down Snape is the absolute best!! Never knew he was a tighty whitey kinda guy.

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