Meagan & Cody’s Wedding.

A friend of a friend contacted me in July, wanting to order cookies for her wedding reception favors at the end of October. I jumped at the chance, wanting to finally be able to say, “I’ve done a wedding,” when people ask. (I had made cookies for a rehearsal dinner before as a gift, but that was as close as I’d gotten.) Meagan and I began communicating, and we became fast friends over the next few months. :-)

Fall Leaf Wedding Cookies.

Meagan needed about 300 cookies, but because the cookies needed to travel all the way from Minot, North Dakota, to the deep-south Georgia, I made plenty of extras “just in case.” I made an entire extra dough’s worth of cookies, giving her a total of 331 cookies.

The first 1/4 of the cookies, before decorating.

I only have two 1/2-sheet baking pans, but I used every other pan in my collection, as well as the plastic lids, to lay out as many cookies as possible at a time. What you see above is about 1/4 of the cookies before decorating. (And iTunes, of course. Handy-dandy iTunes is what makes most of my nights possible. I swear, these cookies wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have showtunes to sing-along with!)

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