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Frosting For the Cause: Marbled Ribbon Cookies for Jen.

This is a guest-posting for Frosting For the Cause, but I wanted to keep it here for my own records as well. :-)

I’ve been here before, and I’ve talked about some amazing women. Shortly after my last post, I had the opportunity to add one more chica to that list. ;-)

You see, Jennifer was a new friend of mine, and somewhere in the early days of getting to know her, I learned that she was facing breast cancer.

And then I learned that this wasn’t the first time.

Here’s Jen, my beautiful friend:


Does she look super-young to you? (She does to me!) Well, that’s because she *is* super-young. She’s only 25, and yet this strong woman has already faced breast cancer THREE TIMES.


Jennifer is active-duty in the Air Force, stationed here at Minot AFB in North Dakota. She’s miles from her family, and she’s facing these medical & health hardships on her own, with only small bits of help from friends. She’s not one to ASK for help, either. She just kinda takes it all in stride.

And there’s one more little thing you should know about Jennifer…

She’s a single mommy to the cutest little baby boy you could ever meet! ♥ Yep, she and her son Bryce are weathering this storm together, and I know that he is the hope she sees in her future. I’m sure his smile helps to heal every bit as much as modern medicine!

I wanted to make Jennifer some special cookies as she was awaiting a round of test results once again, and I chose a classic ribbon-shaped cookie. However, I went with a non-traditional decorating technique. It’s simple, and the results are unique & stunning every time – marbling! :-)


My oldest son, A.J., was in on the action. He’s in the 8th grade, and his English teacher had just finished treatments for breast cancer as well. A.J. wanted to take some cookies to her at school, and I thought that was a great idea!

You can find my sugar cookie & icing recipes here, and once you’ve got both of those, you’re ready for the decorating!

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Frosting For the Cause: “Secret” Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This is a guest-posting for Frosting For the Cause, but I wanted to keep it here for my own records as well. :-)

Do you have a recipe that is “secret?” One that is so important to you, whether because it’s handed down from generation-to-generation, or because you are just so proud of it that you won’t share?

Well, I’ve had one like this for years & years. I tweaked a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies many years ago, early in our marriage, and it is just perfectly perfect. Crispy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside, melty, chocolaty, and so absolutely yummy – the perfect cookie! I have probably made this cookie hundreds of times over the years, as it is always requested by family & friends. However, I’ve only shared the recipe a handful of times, swearing the recipients to never tell a soul the “secret.”

But yesterday, I learned a little something from my 10-year-old.

As I was prepping icing bags for a sugar cookie order, he approached me and asked in the sweetest voice, “Are those cookies for an order, Mom?” I replied that they were, yes. “Well, tomorrow when you’re done with the order, can you make Chocolate Chip Cookies with me?” I told him that I wouldn’t be finished with all the orders by then, but he gave me that puppy-dog face and said pitifully, “But you’ve never taught me how to make them, Mom. I want to learn the “secret” like A.J. did.” (That’s my older son.) And I caved. I breathed a knowing sigh that I wouldn’t get much sleep, but it was too important to share this “MOMent” with my sweet son. ♥

Now, it had also been weighing heavy on my heart that Paula needed a “pinch-hit” post for today. As soon as Jack & I made the plans for these simple, “secret” cookies, I knew that God had also laid it on my heart to share them with the world. It’s funny how your children can show you what’s really most important in life, isn’t it? In all those years where I kept my recipe to myself, I hoarded the joy that could come from the cookies. In sharing the recipe with Jack today, as well as with the internet, we can bring countless happiness across the globe!

It seems so simple that I’m ashamed to say I didn’t see it that way before. *blush*

In addition, these cookies are my husband’s very favorite, and Jack’s wanting to make them is perfectly timed… today (the 12th) is our 13th wedding anniversary! I will give him these cookies as part of our special day, and I’m so glad Jack was able to help in the “gift!” :-)

And so friends, I share with you today my treasured, “secret” Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I hope that you will make them for someone you love, and soon! Perhaps you even have your own handy helper (as I did), and then you can share the secret & the love with that little person, too. :-)

Fresh cookies.
“Secret” Chocolate Chip Cookies

Firstly, gather all of your ingredients:

Gather the ingredients.

Make sure your little helper is in charge of all the chocolate!

Jack is set to make Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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