Toasted White Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies.

This is a guest-posting for Frosting For the Cause, but I wanted to keep it here for my own records as well. :-)

Sweet-on-sweet-on-sweet, I say. That’s what these fruity cookies are, and I’d love to share them with you! :-)

White Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies.

Last year, I entered and won a cookie-baking contest (my first gutsy endeavor!) with these White Chocolate Turtle Cookies, and I was thrilled to beans! From the moment I left the venue, I began dreaming about my entry for the following year. I wanted this year’s cookie to be different enough that the judges, if the same, wouldn’t immediately recognize my entry and toss the cookies out of the competition…

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened still. However, a judge did pull me aside and let me know that my cookies were the clear winner in the contest, even if I wasn’t allowed to “compete” as the previous winner. And the cookies were so well-received that I ended up baking two more batches in the next few days to give out to friends! In my heart, I consider that a win also! :-)

White Chocolate Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies.
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Buckets o’ Popcorn Cupcakes.

I made these cupcakes as one of the treats I took to a friend’s house for a midnight premiere party. They were received very well, and I was glad – I put a lot of work into them!

Buckets o' Popcorn Cupcakes

Even having Philip help me for an hour or so, as well as my friend Liz for a few hours too, the “popcorn” still took FOREVER to make. I estimated that, over five days, I spent eleven hours making enough “popcorn” to decorate 22 regular-sized cupcakes. Holy!

The cupcakes were a dark chocolate cake, and I made them a week before the party, then froze them. I thawed them the night before the event, and I iced them with cream cheese frosting in the afternoon hours before the party. Immediately, I decorated them with the “popcorn,” making sure it was still very sticky. I let them dry a few hours while I got ready for the party.

I made the “popcorn” using mini marshmallows. I ripped each one in half, then smushed the pieces together tightly in groups of two or three to make the popcorn shapes. I then used a knitting needle to indent holes on each marshmallow end to make them look like real kernels. I used a tiny paintbrush to “paint” bronze pearl sugar dust into each kernel. Once all the popcorn pieces were finished, I spread them over two large cookie sheets and “buttered” them, using a small paintbrush to apply yellow pearl sugar dust.

They turned out PERFECT!

In fact, they were even a little too perfect. I took a plate of four cupcakes into work to share, and the next morning when I arrived, three were still leftover. I was disappointed, and when my coworkers arrived for the day, I asked them why they hadn’t eaten a cupcake. Ryan, my boss, gently explained, “Well Nicole, you know I don’t really like popcorn.” (And I do know that he doesn’t.) “Besides that, we talked about it last night, and we all decided that salty popcorn sounded really disgusting on a cupcake. No offense, though. It just didn’t sound good enough to try.” He looked really apologetic, and then I burst out laughing, explaining to him that it wasn’t real popcorn. I showed him up-close on one of the cupcakes, and he was amazed! Then he gladly ate one.

Buckets o' Popcorn Cupcake

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