It’s Pi Day!

Math geeks unite – it’s Pi Day!

Pi Day!

Ever since I was designated March 14th as my sharing date for Frosting For the Cause, I’ve been dreaming of the different ways I could celebrate March 14th. As a math girl at heart, one of the foremost was “Pi Day.”

Pi Day!

Now, I’ve got a friend who is an even bigger math geek than myself, and I knew that Randy would be the perfect recipient of these fun cookies. However, I’m in North Dakota, and he lives with his wife in Pennsylvania. Sooo… I had to prepare them and ship them early, too.

But, I guess I didn’t originally give the Post Office enough credit, for they arrived TOO early! I made the cookies on Wednesday, packaged & shipped them on Thursday, and then he received them by Saturday – not today like I had planned!

Oops! Well, at least he got them in a timely manner, and he did have them available to take with him to teach math today to his students. That’s an unexpected bonus, but I suppose just all part of the magic of “Pi Day!”

Pi Day!

In addition, don’t forget to hop over to “Frosting For the Cause” today. I’m guess-hosting, and I’ll show you how to make a Butterfly Cookie Garden!


Death by portrait. . . er, pill.

Do you know what is super-sad applesauce? No? I’ll tell you.

I took the boys into town, near pretty foliage, and snapped fall portraits of them… ONE MONTH AGO. I still haven’t processed the pictures!

This is badness because I keep wishing that they would be done, print themselves, and hop into cute little envelopes with the boys’ fall school pictures. Heck, if they’ve gone to all that trouble, they might as well address and mail themselves, too. *wink*

In other news, I was swallowing a horse-sized pill this morning, and for some bizarre reason, I put it on my tongue cross-ways. Can you picture that? You know, the STUPID way. (I’m going to blame it on my freshly-woken-up, sleepy state.) And of course, I gagged on it, beginning from the very millisecond of a moment when it hit the back of my throat. It felt like a bridge, honestly; the pill was larger than my throat wide. I would gag, then recover for a half-second, wherein my reflex would try to swallow too quickly for me to grab the thing and reposition it.

A nightmarish twelve minutes, I assure you. (Okay, maybe 12 seconds. Perhaps 1.2, possibly.)

Finally, the pill grew spikes and clawed down my esophagus. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it went down, for I was horrifically trying to bring it UP at the same time. And, oh. Oh my, my throat hurt so badly for years hours afterward.

Even now, the pills are plotting my demise tomorrow.

Note the creepy, long shadow.

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