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Pretty Pansies: Let’s Smell the Flowers!

It’s April, kids. Where in the world has the year gone already?! Despite the time passing by MUCH too quickly, I am extremely excited for the full arrival of Spring, especially up here in Minot. I’m planting all my flowers early this year, including some sugary pretty pansies, too! 😉


My super-sweet, crazy-creative friend Haniela had a beautiful idea for a collaborative cookie project: a virtual stroll through a beautiful flower garden! I felt so honored to have been asked to participate, and I was assigned pretty pansies to create!


I thought it would be fun to make a platter of pretty pansies in a range of colors… and it was!

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It’s Pi Day!

Math geeks unite – it’s Pi Day!

Pi Day!

Ever since I was designated March 14th as my sharing date for Frosting For the Cause, I’ve been dreaming of the different ways I could celebrate March 14th. As a math girl at heart, one of the foremost was “Pi Day.”

Pi Day!

Now, I’ve got a friend who is an even bigger math geek than myself, and I knew that Randy would be the perfect recipient of these fun cookies. However, I’m in North Dakota, and he lives with his wife in Pennsylvania. Sooo… I had to prepare them and ship them early, too.

But, I guess I didn’t originally give the Post Office enough credit, for they arrived TOO early! I made the cookies on Wednesday, packaged & shipped them on Thursday, and then he received them by Saturday – not today like I had planned!

Oops! Well, at least he got them in a timely manner, and he did have them available to take with him to teach math today to his students. That’s an unexpected bonus, but I suppose just all part of the magic of “Pi Day!”

Pi Day!

In addition, don’t forget to hop over to “Frosting For the Cause” today. I’m guess-hosting, and I’ll show you how to make a Butterfly Cookie Garden!


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