Kansas Birthday Cookies.

I’ve got this super-fly friend named Mary, and last year, she threw an awesome birthday bash before moving far, far away from me. (Any place to far too hug on a regular basis is “far, far away,” just so we’re clear.)

And I was far, far too busy drowning in my tear puddles to post pictures of the cookies that I made for her party. Until now. (Which is exactly one year later, for those keeping track.)

So… ta-da!

Mary's Kansas Birthday cookies.

And really, it’s only fitting that I can make a post to her today, as I *wish-wish-WISH* I could be near her for BIG-TIME hugs as she celebrates not only another birthday… but some really great news from her doctor regarding the healthy TWINS she has now carried through a full first trimester! :-D


She and her hubs have been trying for over 3 years to become pregnant, and they’ve lost a precious angel along the way. Just when they would’ve given up all hope, they learned God had blessed them with a little Christmas miracle. A few days later, they learned it was indeed TWO MIRACLES!

I could not be happier for my Mary! ♥

Mary's Kansas Birthday cookies.

Which brings me back to her cookies from last year. ;-) You see, Mary & her husband were leaving the military in a few months, and for her birthday, she wanted to have cookies that represented her beloved Kansas. She gave me free reign, so I went with a few Kansas staples: ruby red “Wizard of Oz” slippers, golden waves of wheat, and of course, sunflowers!

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Gimme-Your-John-Hancock Star Cookies.

Isn’t the summer just flying by? Geez, it’s almost July already, and it feels like it was just May yesterday! Next week, it will be the Fourth of July already! I just can’t quite believe it myself.

But the holiday weekend is coming soon, and my cookie friend SweetSugarBelle had a great idea! To make sure that you don’t show up at a fireworks party with the “same ol’, same ol’” stuff, she asked a bunch of us cookie/foodie bloggers to come up with fun & funky new ideas for the 4th. There was a twist, of course: we had to use a plain old star cookie cutter. I put on my top hat & got to thinking, excited to toss my vote in such a neat collaboration. Want a peek at my creation?!


Gimme-Your-John-Hancock Star Cookies. Here they are, in all their glory!


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