4th of july

Gimme-Your-John-Hancock Star Cookies.

Isn’t the summer just flying by? Geez, it’s almost July already, and it feels like it was just May yesterday! Next week, it will be the Fourth of July already! I just can’t quite believe it myself.

But the holiday weekend is coming soon, and my cookie friend SweetSugarBelle had a great idea! To make sure that you don’t show up at a fireworks party with the “same ol’, same ol’” stuff, she asked a bunch of us cookie/foodie bloggers to come up with fun & funky new ideas for the 4th. There was a twist, of course: we had to use a plain old star cookie cutter. I put on my top hat & got to thinking, excited to toss my vote in such a neat collaboration. Want a peek at my creation?!


Gimme-Your-John-Hancock Star Cookies. Here they are, in all their glory!


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Patriotic Pancakes.

Patriotic Pancakes.
Served with cheesy eggs and bacon.

We’ve got our holiday celebration party to attend tomorrow (that’s when Philip’s flight will be off, though he’s on leave right now himself), so tonight’s dinner was a low-key affair. Still, I wanted to jazz it up a bit, and the boys absolutely loved it. A.J. actually made the pancake batter and prepared the eggs, and then he scrambled them in the skillet while I cooked the pancakes.

Philip and Jack headed to the pool for a few hours this afternoon after we’d gone grocery shopping. After spending about four hours at the big pool in town yesterday, A.J. voted to stay home from swimming today. I’m not surprised – Philip said they each hiked the stairs and went down the HUGE waterslide about 39 times each yesterday!

As the evening winds down, I wish you all a Happy 4th!

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