The 45th is the first time.

Philip’s parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary this past weekend. To love on ‘em, the boys made special cookies to send to them.

This was the boys’ first time decorating cookies. Before that, they each picked out the special cookie cutter shapes they wanted to use, surprising me with their choices. Jack picked out a giant heart and a duck (?), and A.J. chose a Halloween kitty (??). They were so excited to get to work!

They piped the outlines first, and I must say they did a really good job! Piping tension isn’t an easy task to master, but they did well. Then they flooded and toothpick’d the fillings. Jack wrote his name on a few cookies, but he used the flooding icing to do so… it kinda bled out.

Jack's flag heart.
Jack’s heart.

While working, Jack had the idea to make one of his giant hearts a flag. (They only had white in piping consistency – none for flooding, by the way.) It turned out very cool! As soon as he finished, A.J. then decided that he wanted to make a flag version of one of his kitties, too:

A.J.'s flag kitty.
A.J.’s patriotic kitty.

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Birthday cake and brownies.

Since A.J. and Jack’s birthdays are exactly two weeks apart, sometimes we’re not all in the mood for birthday cake again yet. (Isn’t that funny? Birthday cake, no. Other desserts, yes!)

A.J. always, always, always requests a chocolate cake. Take that to the bank – count on it. One year he nearly killed me by choosing a dark chocolate fudge cake mix with devil’s food dark fudge icing – eep! Even with a cold glass of milk, I could barely get down two bites! He loved it, though. However, he’s since requested cakes that are a bit more palatable to the rest of us as well. *wink*

This year, he chose a devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. He picked out all the decorations, too. He didn’t ask for his cake until just over a week after his actual birthday, but it was perfect timing: I was baking that day already!

And so, his cake:

AJ's 11th birthday cake. A.J. with his cake.

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