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Penguins & Igloos.

It’s incredible how fast the human body can acclimate, you know? After being stationed for 3 winters in Minot, North Dakota (and Alaska & Nebraska before that!), we should *NOT* be cold living in Houston, Texas. However, the 15 months we’ve had down here have somehow tricked my oh-so-sensitive skin into thinking that 40° is just as cold as the -5° we dealt with for months at a time. I felt ashamed when we turned on our furnace when it dropped into the 60′s, even!

We’re such wimps!

Meanwhile, with feeling so “cold” lately, I’ve had all kinds of wintry ideas for cookies, and I thought they would be a fun set to make in one of my beginners’ “Batch Basics” cookie classes. And I’m so glad – for these might be some of my most favorite cookies ever! ♥

Penguin & Igloo cookies.

Even better, neither cookie was hard to make, and I didn’t have to hand-cut any special shapes. Win! (ter.) ;-)

Penguin & Igloo cookies.

Just look at his little feet! I’m so in love. ♥

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Never-On-Time Series: I <3 Ewe.

I’ve got a Mini Sheeper with a sweet message for you:

Aren't ewe so sweet?

I made this set as part of the Valentine’s Day collection that I decorated this year, and also as a special gift for my friend Stephanie – another recipient in the “Pay It Forward 2011″ meme from my Facebook. Out of all the cookies I mailed away last week, I think these might be my very favorite!

I <3 You.

Those sheepers just melt my ♥!

(“Sheeper,” by the way, comes as a borrowed sound-byte from my bestie, Heather. I gave her daughter an adorable sheep years ago at her baby shower. Once the Buglet arrived, she fell in love with “Sheeper,” and it has stuck in my vocabulary just that way ever since.)

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