“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

So there’s this movie that came out this weekend. I’ve even heard it’s based on a book or three. “The Starvation Activities,” I think… right? (Synonyms provided by my boys, by the way.)

Nah, it’s The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games Logo Cookie.

Actually, I did read the books, after hearing about them for so long. And once I did, then I campaigned all of my closest friends to read them as well. Only some of them did, and the rest I’m “unfriending” shortly. 😉

Soooooo, that meant that I needed to share these cookies with the world, where I could find even more “Hunger Games Diehards” like myself! And like my “Breaking Dawn” cookies, I wanted to share them with the fans at the movie theatre, too!

74th Annual Hunger Games Cookie.

I had tickets to the midnight premiere on Thursday evening/Friday morning, and it was such a great time! I love the midnight premieres for big “fandom” movies. The crowd is usually super-quiet, as every is a big fan & wants to hear every word. They laugh at all the right moments, and they cry right along with me in the sad parts, too. In my opinion, midnight shows are a MUST!

Hunger Games

Those of us who read the books looked toward the movie’s opening as our own personal “Reaping Day.” For me, I was really excited for the 74th Annual Hunger Games!

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Addison’s 1st Birthday with Pooh.

Why yes, I’m still behind. These cookies were part of my gift to a sweet little girl at her 1st birthday party back on Feb. 19th.

I’m always late, and I can’t help it. It’s a disease, I swear. *wink*

I received an invitation to Addison’s party, and I called her mother to ask if she would like some cookies for the event as well. She enthusiastically replied, “Yes!” I asked her if there was a theme, and she said, “Well, Winnie the Pooh… and maybe pink?”

So in Pooh’s own words, I tried “think, think, think”-ing for a bit, and I came up with this platter of cookies:

Pooh Cookies for Addison's 1st birthday.

And I loved them! I hand-cut the Pooh shapes, and I used my St. Patty’s day pot-of-gold cutters to make the little “hunny” pots (though I smooshed each shape a bit to make them more narrow), and I think they just turned out so cute! I also added some purple because, well… when I think little girls, I think pink and purple!

Pooh Cookies for Addison's 1st birthday.

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