Go RED for Women!

Have a heart, folks.

Go RED for Women.

Tomorrow is the day to recognize the importance of heart-health education. All across the country, your local American Heart Associations are gearing up for February’s “Heart Month.”

But first up, Feb. 4th is Go RED for Women” Day, and I wanted to mark the occasion.


  • Worldwide, 8.6 million women die from heart disease each year, accounting for a third of all deaths in women. Three million women die from stroke each year. Stroke accounts for more deaths among women than men (11% vs 8.4%) with additional risk for CHD unique to women related to oral contraceptive use in combination with smoking.*

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Thomas the Tank Engine, rolling along…

I’m baking cookies right now for Jordan. When I brought the idea for a bake sale to Jack’s school, the principal told me there was nothing planned, but that they would keep me in mind.

Fast-forward a couple weeks, and now bake sale donations are due on Thursday. Conferences are this week and next, with the book fair lasting a week and a half as well. I’ll be doing another donation next Tuesday too, I think.

Speaking of cookies, I’ve got so very many to share! I’m going to kick off with these guys:

Thomas the Tank Engine cookies.

I made these for John, who was celebrating his 2nd birthday. I found a picture of the Thomas graphic used on this year’s batch of invitations, and I traced around the shape to hand-cut the dough. Once I had made a few shapes, I realized that I had inadvertently made perfect little gravestones, too…

The back of the trains looked like gravestones.

I made 21 trains, as well as 7 cookies with just the face of Thomas. I picked up that idea from, though I thought the finished result was a bit creepy while I was drawing the faces on. I’m not sure…?

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