St. Patrick’s Day Treats & Green Buttercream.

I’m still eeking this one out on St. Patrick’s Day, but only because PST and Hawaii have the grace to be so many hours behind me. ;-)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends!

Tatted Clover.
This shamrock was my first piece in my return to tatting back in 2007. I was surprised I could even remember how to hold a shuttle, as I hadn’t made lace in over 10 years!)

My mom is a beautiful redhead with pale, creamy, lightly-freckled skin, but alas, I don’t have the Irish look about me. In fact, the one (and only!) time I ever dyed my hair, my BFF and husband teamed up together to choose the most garish shade of red. There are no pictures of this day because – TRUST ME – it was not a moment to be remembered. I simply have to be content having a gorgeous, Julie-Andrews-look-a-like for a mom, and allow her to sport the brilliant red tresses for our family. ♥

I’ll just make the green sweets instead. ;-) Like these cookies, for example:

St. Patrick's Day Cookies.

These were made for a handful of my most special “Sugar Sisters,” as my offering in our St. Paddy’s Day Cookie Swap. I used Georganne’s famous fancy square cutter as my starting point, and I kept things very simple. I made my first “real” royal icing transfers (I’d done small dots once before, but nothing of any true size), and in the process, I developed an even greater awe of Paula’s skill, as she works with RI transfers to a means I cannot ever comprehend!

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Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes.

What do you make when you’re invited to a birthday BBQ in the summer?

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes,” of course!

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes.

I came across this idea in my latest issue (August/September) of Taste of Home magazine, and I thought it was just the cutest idea! The original decoration is shown on a brownie, rather than a cupcake, and topped with candies. However, I had some buttermilk I wanted to use up, so I opted to go with my Chocolate Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes (minus the icing & cherry buttercream) as the building block instead. I love the springy texture of this chocolate cake, and it’s quickly become my go-to recipe for using up leftover buttermilk. I never have complaints when I give away cupcakes to all our neighbors & friends, either! ;-)

To make these oh-so-hot treats, you’ll need the following:

  • 2 dozen cupcakes (or brownies, as the original idea suggests)
  • 1 can store-bought chocolate frosting (omit if using brownies)
  • orange icing sugar
  • 72 pieces Hot Tamales candy
  • black royal icing (piping consistency)

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes.

As the cupcakes baked, I began to wonder if they wouldn’t look a little funny. After all, brownies bake up with a crusty, flaky top that looks rugged. Cupcakes – especially these! – bake up with perfect little domes. I wasn’t so sure the decoration would like “right” on the plain cupcake surface. Not only that, but what’s a cupcake without frosting?!

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