Go Auburn!

My dear friend Lesley has the sweetest family ever! Truly, her mama comes into town, and they treat my own family as if we’ve grown up together all along (when in reality, we’ve only known each other just one year!) Nothing is quite so welcoming & heartwarming as those friends that you’ve always known in your heart. ♥

So when Lesley’s mama (she has a name, too – it’s Carol!) needed some cookies for her brother & sister, I knew they had to be perfect. And with the big BSC Championship Game coming up, it was time to pull out the War Eagle pride & go crazy! :-)

Auburn Cookies.

Now, I must admit to being just a little bit confused… are they Tigers, or War Eagles? After a bit of research I found this official statement:
“We are the Tigers who say ‘War Eagle!’” ;-)

Auburn Cookies.

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Golf Valentine Cookies.

I’m not much of a sports girl. My husband is into both wrestling (yes, all fake) and Nascar racing (they just turn left!), and I know more than I would like to about both of those, but that’s pretty much it. I’m all about the Winter Olympics (Apolo Ohno, anyone?), and then I can cheer, scream, and whoop with the best of ‘em. I have a feeling it’s more about my patriotism than the actual sports, but I just know I enjoy them.


In fact, I have even squirreled away a short letter from Evan Lysacek after he medaled Bronze in the ’06 Games in Torino. It’s pretty precious. ♥

But I know nothing about golf. Nada, zip, zilch. Well, except that it’s kind of like putt-putt, and I’m fond of that. The best part of playing putt-putt, of course, is picking out a brightly colored ball. Somehow, “golf” misses the point of that, and it appears that everyone plays with plain ol’ white balls.

Oh, if I were in charge. ;-)

Golf Valentine cookies.

But this sweet chick Stacy wanted to order cookies for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. He lives right here in Houston, and she’s way over in Florida, so my cookies were the go-between. She asked for a golf-y Valentine theme, and these are what I came up with for her man. :-)

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