Easter From the Archives.

Well, I’m going to call this a win, and not one of my usual “Never-On-Time Series.” Yeah, I’m late in posting these Easter goodies from last year, but they are perfectly on schedule for THIS year. Go me!

Easter Cookies.

Our friends, Matt & Amber, hosted a big Easter party last year, and we were able to attend for a few hours. (Philip had to leave early to go to work, and A.J. is “way too big” for Easter egg hunts anymore. *sniffle*) I can’t remember exactly what Amber asked me to bring, but I’m sure it was something sweet, and that’s how I ended up with a big ol’ platter of Easter-themed cookies. ;-)

Easter Cookies platter.

I also seem to recall bringing two Pineapple Carrot Cakes:

Pineapple Carrot Cake.

And lastly, the pièce de résistance, the Easter Bunny Bread:

Easter Bunny Bread.

I had been saving the how-to for the Easter Bunny Bread for years from an old Quick Cooking, and I was delighted to finally have a big party to bring it for sharing! I could walk you through the recipe, but it’s really SO EASY, and you can find it right here on Taste of Home’s own website. I promise it’s not difficult in the slightest!

I actually bought twice the frozen bread dough I would need, sure that I would mess things up the first time. I didn’t (remember how easy it is?!), and then we had lots of bread for making later. Win-win! Here’s how Mr. Bunny looked straight out of the oven:


He smelled so fantastically yummy, I really just wanted to eat him all up right then! I didn’t have a big enough tray for displaying him, so I just had to fill up that same half-sheet baking tray with all the lettuce & veggies for dipping, but I think it turned out well enough. I filled his tummy with a simple, yummy spinach dip, and he was ready to hop! :-)

But back to the cookies for a little bit. ;-) I made a handful of different designs, all fairly easy.

Some easy chocolate bunnies:
Easter Cookies.

Some tulips, duckies, and more bunnies:
Easter Cookies.

Some chicks & flowers:
Easter Cookies.

Some BIG chocolate bunnies
Easter Cookies.

Some hippity-hoppity bunnies & carrots:
Easter Cookies.

And a few hatching chicks as well. :-)
Easter Cookies.

But I did spend a little bit more time on one sweet “Happy Easter” cookie. I think it might be my favorite from the platter, too. :-)

Easter Cookies.

Now, if you’re looking for a sweet to share, this Pineapple Carrot Cake indeed fits the bill. Again, the recipe is easy enough to follow, and I didn’t really change anything. (I simply am not as good at decorating cakes as they are over at the Taste of Home kitchens!)

And even though my boys are so grown-up now, I still love looking back at pictures from past holidays. Here’s one I want to share with you from a handful of Easters ago:

The boys on Easter Sunday
(Sweet 8-year-old A.J. and 5-year-old Jack, wearing my favorite handknit sweaters ever from my dear Aunt Edith.)

I hope you each have a blessed & hope-filled Easter! Be sure to have just a bit of chocolate, too. After all, there’s a bit of a “holiday drought” after this for a while! ;-)

Spiced Apple Cake with Mascarpone Browned Buttercream.

Have you ever tasted something so good that you wonder how you’ve lived without it? Have you?

Over the weekend, a guest brought his mama’s recipe of “Candied Yams” to my house for Thanksgiving. OMG, let me tell you… the buttery PECANS absolutely floored my tastebuds! How had I lived 31 Thanksgivings without it?! I had made my own Southern Sweet Potato Casserole, but this young airman’s yams blew my sweet potatoes out of the water! I savored every single bite, and I begged the spoonful of leftovers from him before he left our house. I used it to top a leftover cinnamon roll for breakfast the next morning, and oh!

It was a VERY good thing.

That’s the kind of GOOD I tasted last week when I created this new cake & buttercream. See?

Spiced Apple Cake w/ Mascarpone Browned Buttercream.

A lot of people have never had mascarpone cheese. Heck, a lot of folks have never even heard of mascarpone cheese. If you’re among either group, let me introduce you to your new best friend, mmkay? “Mascarpone” is a slightly sweet, Italian cream cheese. It’s a bit softer than traditional cream cheese. Previously, I’ve only used it as a spread on pastries, and I had some leftover in my fridge, so…

A star was born. A sweet, nutty, spicy, apple-y star that dances on your tastebuds in whimsy. And I promise you, this is the kind of whimsy you NEED in your life. There’s a bit of work involved, but the rewards are so worth it, I promise!

I was selected by Foodbuzz to create something new & exciting using both Duncan Hines® & and Comstock®/Wilderness® products, and I came up with this amazing dessert. I chose a Moist Deluxe Spice Cake for the Thanksgiving holiday, and sweet Apple Fruit Filling as the perfect complement. My favorite thing about Duncan Hines cake mixes is the absolutely VELVETY texture of their batter – seriously, it is SO silky-smooth! – and the light, perfectly-spongy texture of the final baked cake. Duncan Hines is my go-to brand when I’m making a boxed cake mix every time!

To make this cake, follow the steps below, or skip down to the recipe near the bottom of this post. :-)

Gather the ingredients:


Make the cake as directed on the package, substituting an equal part applesauce for the vegetable oil called for.

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