Chocolate-Covered Orange Cheesecake.

It’s early morning, and I’ve got an AMAZING substitute for your breakfast glass of orange juice…

Chocolate-Covered Orange Cheesecake.

Foodbuzz partnered with Nestlé to offer me a chance to create something new & exciting with my kids. When I told Jack that I was going to be working with CHOCOLATE this time, his eyes absolutely lit up! Hey, mine probably did, too! ;-)

Now, up until about 6 hours before I was heading into the kitchen, I had a completely different idea in mind for this post. However, I had one of those *epiphany* moments, and THIS idea popped into my head instead. It was an unstoppable force, so I set out to make it a reality.

One of my mom’s favorite treats is a chocolate orange. Do you know the kind? They come in a box, and you smash the orange onto a counter, and it falls apart in perfect, segmented pieces of chocolate-coated orange. It takes her days to eat one, but she savors them during the holiday season.

She’s also famous for her cheesecakes. So I decided to create a luscious cheesecake with the elements of the festive chocolate orange! :-)

Chocolate-Covered Orange Cheesecake.
Chocolate-Covered Orange Cheesecake

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Never-On-Time Series: Featuring “On Time” Lucky Mint Cheesecake

Here’s the benefit to being “never on time,” folks: you can still be punctual every once in a while!

I made this dreamy, creamy Lucky Mint Cheesecake last year for dessert to our Irish fare, and I never, ever posted about it. Oh sure, I meant to – I really did! I thought it would be a nice touch even around the holidays (where instead, I made a different version of cheesecake – a pepperminty one), but I didn’t post this one then…

After all, it has shamrocks. :-)

But trust me when I tell you that this cheesecake… it’s better than so many things. It’s better than a Peppermint Patty straight from the fridge (with or without the Charlie Brown) and chased by a glass of milk. It’s better than a stick of Doublemint gum with a dollop of cottage cheese at the same time.

Wait. That last one might not actually be any good at all… *shakes head*

This is heaven. Sweetened cheesecake, lightly minted, resting on a rich layer of cold ganache, and wrapped in a chocolate cookie crust. I’m pretty sure that IS in the Bible somewhere, right?

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