valentine’s day

Golf Valentine Cookies.

I’m not much of a sports girl. My husband is into both wrestling (yes, all fake) and Nascar racing (they just turn left!), and I know more than I would like to about both of those, but that’s pretty much it. I’m all about the Winter Olympics (Apolo Ohno, anyone?), and then I can cheer, scream, and whoop with the best of ‘em. I have a feeling it’s more about my patriotism than the actual sports, but I just know I enjoy them.


In fact, I have even squirreled away a short letter from Evan Lysacek after he medaled Bronze in the ’06 Games in Torino. It’s pretty precious. ♥

But I know nothing about golf. Nada, zip, zilch. Well, except that it’s kind of like putt-putt, and I’m fond of that. The best part of playing putt-putt, of course, is picking out a brightly colored ball. Somehow, “golf” misses the point of that, and it appears that everyone plays with plain ol’ white balls.

Oh, if I were in charge. ;-)

Golf Valentine cookies.

But this sweet chick Stacy wanted to order cookies for her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. He lives right here in Houston, and she’s way over in Florida, so my cookies were the go-between. She asked for a golf-y Valentine theme, and these are what I came up with for her man. :-)

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Hot Diggity Dog Valentine Cookies.

I’ve got the two best boys around, and this year, I wanted to make them their own special gift sets of cookies.

Hot Diggity Dog Valentine cookies.

As in, these weren’t leftovers from an order, or a project, or “just to see if this works.” And the cookies weren’t part of a big set they were giving to their classmates for a party, either.

JUST FOR THEM. (Is it obvious yet that they get to eat a lot of cookies, but not ones that are originally for them??)

Oh, poor baker’s kids. ;-)

I picked up this cute doggy cutter at Gygi in Salt Lake City when I was there in November for CookieCon. I actually bought two, and then I gave them both away! I was sure it would be easy to order again, but it actually took a few months for them to return to stock, so I *just* finally got it about two weeks ago. (I ordered two again, and I shipped the second off to another cookie bestie immediately.) In other words, it *IS* available, but you may have to be really patient & persistent to get one yourself. ;-)

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