Penguins & Igloos.

It’s incredible how fast the human body can acclimate, you know? After being stationed for 3 winters in Minot, North Dakota (and Alaska & Nebraska before that!), we should *NOT* be cold living in Houston, Texas. However, the 15 months we’ve had down here have somehow tricked my oh-so-sensitive skin into thinking that 40° is just as cold as the -5° we dealt with for months at a time. I felt ashamed when we turned on our furnace when it dropped into the 60′s, even!

We’re such wimps!

Meanwhile, with feeling so “cold” lately, I’ve had all kinds of wintry ideas for cookies, and I thought they would be a fun set to make in one of my beginners’ “Batch Basics” cookie classes. And I’m so glad – for these might be some of my most favorite cookies ever! ♥

Penguin & Igloo cookies.

Even better, neither cookie was hard to make, and I didn’t have to hand-cut any special shapes. Win! (ter.) ;-)

Penguin & Igloo cookies.

Just look at his little feet! I’m so in love. ♥

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Snowmen… in Unusual Places.

Sometimes, I can just *see* things. Like, really *SEE* that something is gonna be great. I have this idea, and I can just run wild with it, and everything is awesome & rainbows!

Other times, not-so-much.

Like the time when I was about 10 years old, and I was playing with a hole puncher. (I’m a little embarrassed to tell my real age here, actually. I’d love to say that I was closer to 5 years old, but if I’m already ‘fessing, I might as well tell the whole truth, right?)

Anyway. I was playing with the hole puncher, messing around with a sheet of leftover construction paper. Suddenly, I got a brilliant idea!


C’mon, like that’s not genius? I could just picture flipping my silky mane over my shoulder, the cool, missing polka-dots making all my friends “Ooooh!” and “Ahhhh!” in jealousy.

I set right to work. :-D

I brushed my hair a hundred times (Marcia Brady would be proud!), until it gleamed & was perfectly straight. I carefully portioned out a lock of hair, and I brushed it a few times more. I held the lock straight down so my hair was as smooth as a piece of wood. I meticulously positioned my hole puncher right in the middle of the hair, and I *punched* it.

And can you guess what happened?!

All the hair in the *punch* and below… FELL DOWN! Instead of a neat-looking polka-dot hole, I was left with a strand of hair half the length that it once was! I couldn’t believe it. Still, I failed to put things together, and so I made *another* punch.

The same thing happened!

And the lightbulb flickered a bit over my head. *fizzle*

I realized the error in my genius fashion idea, and I was SO SAD. Polka-dot hair was beyond my abilities, as I knew my mom would never go for such a dye job. (Nevermind that she might’ve killed me if the hole puncher had worked as I had dreamed! I’m sure she never wanted a little girl with ‘swiss cheese’-style hair!)

But sometimes, I really can see things! Like a snowman holding his teddy before bedtime. See?

Snowman cookie.

My mom and I argued over this cookie cutter in the store. She said it was a beetle bug car, but I swore it was a bedtime snowman. While I do concede that she is correct, I could only see my own “vision” as I looked at it.

Snowman made from a car shape.

(Perhaps I should take a moment to clarify that those cookies were among some of the first ones I made. I look at them now & kinda cringe a bit!)

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